RIDGID 18v 2 speed grease gun


The design of RIDGID 18v 2 speed grease gun with the 18V motor delivers a powerful 10,000PSI accorporating pressure, optimized to push out old, built up grease, all in a compact design. The best compactness among the market with the same center of gravity layout.

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  • The RIDGID 18V Grease Gun can lubricate heavy equipment precisely and quickly, reducing the user's downtime and avoiding damage to their equipment. Site crews are responsible for maintaining daily maintenance on their machines such as excavators, dozers and loaders. Each piece of equipment has dozens of fittings. That require grease daily in order to run at maximum performance. And the RIDGID 18V grease gun can save time and energy by allowing in-field greasing of the equipment due to the speed and ease with which a cordless tool allows these tasks to be performed

  • This cordless 18v battery-powered grease gun can gives the mobility for the user to operate in different area without a AC cord,comes with a shoulder strap for convenient hands-free carrying, plus a on board right-angle coupler and grease-clearing pin which is first on the market.There's a lock-on/lock-off trigger to enhance functionality and a built-in plunger rod to show how much grease is left in the barrel.A meter long hose, the user able to reach in further to get to that fitting,spring guards provide protection at the strain relief points where you're more likely to kink or damage the hose.

  • Under the Covid 19,there are many jobsite that has been on hold, massive number of machine need to be greased for all different parts in order to function again when the jobsite open again. With the RIDGID 18V grease gun that run with the RIDGID Lithium battery platform. It offers a cordless solution suitable for large and small equipment. And it does it on a battery platform that many users may already own. It creates an environmental solution for the user to use the same battery on varies tool on RIDGID.

  • The RIDIGD 18V 2 speed grease gun is also designed for both vertical and horizontal position to operation. It can be placed steadily in various environment. In order to enhance the user experience, a space is created in between the barrel and the housing to let the user grip and take out the barrel easily and reduce the size of the unit at the same time.. A cleaning pin is located underneath the tool to help clear old, built up grease. And the right-angle coupler is hold on the side holder to allow the user to access grease nipples in tight or awkward spots. Which solve the problem of losing the essential accessories or lack of storage space for the user.There are various scenario for the builders and the contractors to use the grease gun for the automotive, agricultural and mining worksites. LED sight light and shoulder strap is provided, The built-in LED sight light will enhance visibility in dark or enclosed areas. The tool's stand up design offers increased functionality for easy pick up and go and the adjustable shoulder strap provides additional user comfort and increased safety whilst reducing fatigue.