Details Dispenser

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Details by Wahl and Ross

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The Details Dispenser is a hand sanitizer dispenser. We designed the dispenser to make a positive first impression for users interacting with a sanitizer dispenser. The dispenser has been designed for the hospitality and retail sector or anywhere that requires a hand sanitizer dispenser for their guests, customers and employees

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  • With the outbreak of the global pandemic, we all found ourselves using extremely clinical and faulty dispensers that upon use left many people feeling frustrated by the lack resolution in a product that suddenly became so integral in our daily lives. We set out to design a dispenser that makes a positive first impression for the business in which it resides. We sought to improve current dispenser designs by integrating beautiful materials with sculptural form, reducing single use plastics, allowing the owner to have more control over the dosage of sanitizing liquid and improving the shortcomings in sensor technology.

  • The premium feel of our dispenser is achieved through incorporating long lasting desirable materials with its sculptural form across four timeless colourways including recycled aluminium and FSC European Oak. We designed our own sensor to be an "instant sense, instant dose" system, whilst providing the owner with the capability to choose the right dose depending on the liquids viscosity. Our system uses a recyclable bottle which is entirely refillable and reusable to reduce the the amount of proprietary vessels otherwise finding their way to landfill. The dispenser has been designed to be serviceable and fully disassembled after its lifetime.

  • From its first impression, through its usability, to its end of life, our dispenser counteracts the current market of hand sanitizer dispensers. The first impression leaves people satisfied with the touchless system which works first time, every time. This allows users to be more inclined to continue using the product and ease the owners mind knowing that their customers are safe and satisfied. Furthering the impact of the dispenser is its total serviceability and disassembly, thus easing environmental pressure and commercial pressure by extending the longevity of the product significantly when compared to current market options.

  • The dispenser has a drip tray which can be easily removed and washed. To enable various mounting options, the dispenser can be mounted on a stand, glass panel or wall.