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As an innovative solution for gas cylinders, ComfortCarry™ offers increased portability and improved ergonomics for older users. The fully recyclable, corrosion-free polymeric handle is designed to be easily diassembled, allowing better valve protection and longer cylinder life. Developed in Portugal, the RFID control also supports sustainable fleet management.

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  • Changing an industry standard that is universally used on large markets is a difficult task, even if the present solution is no longer the most adequate. ComfortCarry™ faces that challenge by clearly improving ergonomics, value of use and sustainability concerns. - Universal Design for elderly, friendly and safer use without hard edges - Corrosion free, long-life handle - RFID control on filling stations - Requalification (total/partial) without tools, welding, or painting - Total component materials separation for full recyclability - Compatibility with existing user appliances (BBQ) and filling plants - Cost effective thanks to longer reconditioning cycles

  • A concealed small metal rim, welded on the top dome of the cylinder and, over it, by a simple deformation, a polymeric plastic "horse-shoe" clipping part, with specific area to incorporate tracking devices such as RFIDs, is the base of ComfortCarry™ assembly concept. The handle (manually or automatically assembled through a vertical translation movement) is made of polymeric HDPE. Gas Assisted Injection is used to improve the resistance and flexibility of the collar and make it lighter. "Design for disassembly" allows for complete separation and recyclability of all components and RFID device replacement/control without environmental impacts.

  • ComfortCarry™ Design is based on several design principles: - Universal Design - Ergonomic handle design suitable for everyone, specifically, to offer effortless use to elderly users - Compatibility with existing appliances - Design for disassembly - All parts assembled by clipping without tools - Design for sustainability - Longer product life by possibility of partial/total reconditioning with smaller environmental footprint. Minimalist design to stay on the market for a long-time avoiding fashion obsolescence and promoting easier customer acceptance - Design for safety - Easier and safer use without protection gloves. Better valve protection - Marketing message support - Design for innovation -RFID equipped to allow fleet control on filling stations

  • ComfortCarry™ is a sound example of the principles of Universal Design, Design for Disassembly, and Design for a smaller environmental footprint applied to an industrial commodity product without other design improvements for more than 50 years. Propane gas cylinders, also known as BBQ grill tanks, have become a common item in our daily lives, without questioning any design improvements that could bring us a better experience. The steel collars (handles) on these cylinders are industry standard. Wear and tear is common, and they do not provide good ergonomics. ComfortCarry™ concept uses a small concealed and shock protected metal rim welded to the cylinder top, allowing further assembly/disassembly of plastic components without tools. By simple deformation, a polymeric "horse-shoe" ring, injection molded from recycled material, and able to carry RFID devices (not possible in steel collars interfering with antennas) is applied. The handle is then assembled by vertical translation and automatically clips to the ring. Gas Assisted Injection of HDPE is used to improve resistance, flexibility, and weight, making the handle safer and decreasing maintenance and repair. A fitting area allows the cylinder to be used in existing grill appliances.