HP All-in-One Desktop

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP All-in-One PC has for many years provided our customers a compact, easy to use computer for productivity, learning and play. This newest design is thinner, features a better webcam for videoconferencing, and is more sustainable than before, helping HP meet our ambitious climate action goals.

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  • Because the All-in-One computer is primarily used in the home, we wanted to find new ways for users to integrate the technology into their décor, while also improving efficiencies and building on our previous award winning design.

  • After interviewing customers and studying trends in both home size and home aesthetics, we designed the new HP All-in-One to be 20% thinner in profile, and with a unique speckled color finish, which stands out from the generally monochrome PC market, but which makes the All-in-One feel right at home in modern spaces. The new SSD storage is both faster and more energy efficient, a win for the user and the planet.

  • Staying connected to family and friends is a main user interest, and the improved webcam on the HP All-in-One improves this connection with increased quality and performance. By increasing our use of recycled materials, using optimized packaging, and focusing on upgradability as a core benefit to reduce waste, HP continues to be a global leader in sustainability. The HP All-in-One also contains one water bottle worth of reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, saving material from waste. Commercially, by continuing to offer a competitive and convenient All-in-One, we will help maintain HP's position as a technology leader in the global marketplace.

  • The HP All-in-One PC offers a slim and power efficient form factor that fits well in all homes, but is especially important in smaller spaces that are more common in large cities and growth areas. The design integrates the latest processors and uses high speed SSD storage which help make productivity and entertainment fast, but also more power efficient. It also maintains our upgradable architecture to enhance the useful life of the computer and reduce waste. By placing a USB port and headphone audio connector on the side of the display, we allow a user to quickly and conveniently access external data or plug in a headset to be more immersed in their work, learning, browsing or gaming. The unique speckled resin finish presents the PC as more of a home product, further emphasizing the usefulness within the home environment while downplaying the "tech" that makes it all work so well. This is about adapting the technology to the user, and not vice versa.