Clipsal Pro Series

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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The Clipsal Pro Series is the new range of sockets and switches designed specifically for commercial buildings. The Australian designed product comes with skins that clip on securely and cannot be removed by hand. Permanent circuit identification stays protected under large windows integrated seamlessly with a beveled-edge skin to deflect impacts.

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  • This product is designed for commercial buildings such as retail, offices, schools, airports, all kinds of public spaces. Rolling suitcases, trolleys, children playing around, travelers desperately looking to charge their phone requires the product to be strong and robust. Commercial electrical contractors have pressure to install lots of products in a small amount of time and facility managers want to keep everyone safe and maintain the electrical installation without disruption. Such environments never stop throwing up new challenges and many functionalities are needed to fit in a small volume and at minimum cost.

  • The rockers are intuitive and the skins clean lines are both useful and elegant with beveled edges deflecting impacts and preventing fingers to grip. A secured skin can only be removed with a tool, avoiding unaesthetic screws, integrate seamlessss large windows designed to protect the circuit identification from repetitive cleaning damage. This identification is key for maintenance as it is information for maintinance, it is attached to the platform and not on the skin anymore to avoid an incidental mix of covers. The switches and sockets will blend into any commercial environment and finally get forgotten.

  • Pro-series is the first product to bring real innovation into the commercial wiring device market. Using a design process focused on identifying and fixing the problems associated with the space in which its used and giving its end users and installers a better overall experience. Designing specifically for its use context has also resulted in a more robust product meaning a longer useful life. In addition Clipsal Pro Series has obtained a Green Premium label, providing detailed information on their regulatory compliance, material content, environmental impact and circularity attributes through full lifecycle annalysis.

  • Permanent circuit identification with large windows. The circuit identification labels are protected behind a clear window. No longer can circuit identifiers be damaged, wiped off, or made unreadable. The labels adhere to panels designed into the grids, so even if skins are inadvertently swapped during maintenance, the labels will always display the correct circuit identification. There are two windows on opposite edges, so it can be visible in any situation. Secure Skins Pro Series comes with skins that clip on securely and cannot be removed by hand. Fixing them is easy and fast - you simply click them onto the grid. No screws are needed. Special notches on the skins allow quick and easy removal with a screwdriver without damage to the wall. Flexible Switch Pro Series Switches feature 40 series mechanisms and modules, from 16AX mechanisms as standard through to connected dimmers, switches and C-Bus mechanisms. The switches also feature locking bars to reduce risk of module pushbacks. USB Charging Pro Series has USB charging options including double A type, as well as A+C to suit the newest smartphones. With the modular design, the charging options can be fitted into sockets with extra switch options, as well as switch plates.