Franklin Square and Hobart Waterfront Street Furniture

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Hobart City Council

Designed In:


Street+ Garden were given the opportunity to develop new designs for Franklin Square Hobart thirty years beyond the original opportunity. A second commission at Hobart's waters edge that followed provides a resting place with natural shade from trees that penetrate the surface and detailing through illumination reflecting light on water.

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  • Original ideas from nineteen eighty seven reflected historical architecture, were new ideas needed to fit with that but in a more contemporary format consistent with how the space is now used by the community. Elements of old a new combined. The idea was to find a way of housing mature trees, lighting, and ideas that are about the Harbor , themes easily recognized by the local community and visitors. A great resting and reflecting place.

  • The new Design has elements that are recognizable as old, in the use of Cast metal, and detailing that was part of the original eighties idea. This is complimented by contemporary fabrication techniques with laser cut steel, allowing for a cut pattern about water and light that are part of the fountain it surrounds. Local timber from the Hydro Dams flooded forest's is used for seating surfaces. Timber from the Dams is again used in combination with laser cut metal elements and internal lighting to create a dynamic seating and visual solution.

  • The outcome is much more than amenity provided by a seating surface. It defines the space with detailing that changes through inter action with weather. The waterfront seating elements are a community and visitor focal point, working as a viewing platform to take in the action on the river, to meet, to cluster.

  • In each instance the ideas are very specific , purpose Designed and built elements , for that particular place. Carefully crafted to become an integral part of a bigger idea. Water play is easily recognized as a theme , less obvious is patterns derived from a coral that is only found in the Derwent River. Function such as housing of chess pieces, and power access , lighting is subtly built into the pieces, whilst much consideration is given to their connection through details to that space and community.