Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme

  • 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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Blackmagic Design

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ATEM Mini Extreme an ultra-compact eight input live production switcher, designed specifically for professional live streaming of large productions and events on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Costing just AUD$1285 it has proven to be a vital tool for broadcasters, educators and businesses adapting to life in the wake of COVID-19.

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  • Typically designed for mainstream broadcasters, live production chains consisting of separate rack-mounted switcher 'processing-brain' and 'control panel' are large, complex and expensive. Often costing in excess of $20,000, they are virtually inaccessible to all but the most well-resourced facilities. The original ATEM Mini represented a highly affordable, portable and professional alternative. But with COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing forcing people to seek more innovative ways of engaging remote audiences, it soon became clear that a more powerful option, capable of enhancing the production values of larger multi-camera broadcasts, was required.

  • For a fraction of the cost of traditional switchers at $1285, the purposeful design of ATEM Mini Extreme belies its powerful nature. Combining a fully-featured broadcast sw¬itcher 'processing brain' and 'control panel' in an ultra-compact, lightweight enclosure, it can be used almost anywhere, allowing real-time control of up to eight HDMI video sources. Four upstream chroma keyers allows layering of camera footage over rendered backgrounds, enabling users to create professional, immersive virtual sets regardless of the location of the presenter.

  • The impact of ATEM Mini Extreme is demonstrated in its integration into innovative productions like KulturMachtPotsdam, a 12 hour, multi-location digital cultural festival in Po¬tsdam, Germany. Robert Klix, of live video specialist Wir Streamen, was responsible for facilitating a non-stop YouTube broadcast of the festival, designed to support artists and professionals involved in a Potsdam cultural scene brought to a standstill by the pandemic. "We needed a flexible but robust live production hub able to handle multiple content streams without taking up valuable performance space. ATEM Mini Extreme was so impressive, it really was the heart of the production desk."

  • ATEM Mini Extreme enables real-time switching. With eight HDMI inputs, multiple camera angles can be set up for engaging live streaming to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live and TwitchTV. By connecting an input to a computer, users can also switch between PowerPoint slide shows, video clip playback, websites or gaming consoles. Rich, professional, multi-layered audio is also possible with ATEM Mini Extreme, with up to four audio signals from each HDMI source and two 3.5mm inputs allowing additional microphones for the presenter and a guest. The back-lit, hierarchical control layout is logically organised into clear functional groups: Video and audio Input control buttons on the left; transitions, effects, streaming and recording functions on the right. To access deeper functionality, users can operate ATEM Mini Extreme from a computer using the free ATEM Control software, whose interface is specifically designed for speed and accuracy. The ATEM Mini Extreme ISO model allows customers to edit their live event in post-production, as they can record multiple video streams simultaneously. Users can also save a DaVinci Resolve project file, allowing them to open a live production as a video edit effects and graphics files with just a single click.