Choppoq Air Purifier

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh

Designed In:

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Choppoq was designed with consideration for the efficency and aesthetic needs of people in a modern society. Designed in Iran, this air purifier is a decorative home object that delivers fresh, virus-free air.

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  • The biggest challenge in designing this product has been to create a balance between form and product design as well as its proper performance and function as an air purifier.

  • Various cases were study to evaluate the most suitable method of air purification along with reducing production costs, and finally a combination of UV light sterilization method and the use of active carbon filters was used. These methods have been tested in the past and have worked well in detecting viruses. Also, the production cost of these parts is low and controls the cost of the product.

  • This product with its small size and low selling cost can reduce the cost of home air purifiers to help the air quality used by people in indoor environments such as homes and companies. This product reduces the possibility of respiratory diseases and increases the Life expectancy index.

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