Latch Intercom

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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United States of America

The Latch Intercom is a simple, flexible and secure smart building access system. Robustly designed for multi-unit buildings in the modern urban environment, the Latch Intercom was created in the United States of America to offer an intuitive user interface for quick and easy communication between residents, guests and delivery people.

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  • Design an intuitive intercom for multi-unit buildings that works with the Latch smart access system. Intercom needs to be protected and durable, built for longevity in an exposed urban setting. Intercom needs to work in all weather conditions.

  • The Latch Intercom is a modern interpretation of the traditional building access system. It combines the clear communication of a 7" screen with 1000 nits brightness and 176 degree viewing angle, with large tactile buttons that accommodate every visitor in all weather conditions.

  • Intuitive and quick to use, the Latch Intercom makes the building entry experience more simple and positive for residents, guests and delivery people.

  • The Latch Intercom connects via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular LTE - providing building owners with unprecedented flexibility during installation. Connects audio calls at any US phone number, or video call with Latch App. Users can remote unlock their door for guests or deliveries.