Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

  • 2021

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    Consumer Electronics

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Blackmagic Design

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The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is a revolutionary digital film camera combining a suite of professional filmmaking features in an ultra-compact, lightweight DSLR form factor. Costing just AUD$3245 it is a fully self-contained solution that pairs Hollywood image quality and unmatched flexibility for indie filmmakers, television and web broadcasters.

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  • A cinematographer or live broadcast camera operator moves dynamically and discretely with the action in a scene or event. Constantly monitoring and adjusting focus, composition and audio quality throughout, they must simultaneously adapt to changing lighting conditions to ensure consistent, professional quality video footage. For many independent creators, the primary advantages of DSLR camerad for video production are price, familiarity and portability. Designed primarily for stills capture, they are ill-equipped to deal with the practical and technical issues common to filmmaking and live broadcasting without the addition of expensive, bulky peripherals that invariably negate the key benefits the format offers.

  • The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro represents an affordable versatile, all-in-one solution equipped specifically for cinematography and broadcasting: - Built-in, motorized ND filters allow spontaneous adaption to changing light conditions. - Four integrated professional microphones provide high fidelity audio recording. - A flexible architecture featuring adjustable OLED viewfinder and high brightness, tilting HDR LCD enables various shooting positions. - Natural ergonomics offer responsive control and setting adjustment. - Lightweight, durable construction and advanced thermal management ensure on-going performance and reliability despite the processing demands of high-frame rate, 6K video. - Proprietary Blackmagic RAW codec generates efficient, lossless video files optimised for quality, speed and storage.

  • The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is a timely response to the needs of filmmakers, networks and independent web creators impacted by social distancing measures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Costing just $3245 it requires nothing but a lens and storage media to start shooting, offering broadcasters, small businesses and educational institutions a self-contained solution to quickly and affordably establish home studios for remote presenters. The versatile all-in-one functionality and embedded post-production features have also provided a way for cinematographers to continue producing solo content, reducing the reliance on multiple support crew to achieve professional quality content.

  • Monitoring The vivid 1500 nit 5" touchscreen HDR monitor is brighter than the world's leading smartphones and is significantly larger and sharper than DSLR displays, allowing for accurate evaluation of framing and focus. It can be tilted up to 180 degrees flat and down to 47 degrees, enabling shooting from any angle without additional rigging or monitors. The interactive, graphically rich UI is designed specifically for filmmaking, allowing gestural control of camera settings. This immediacy allows filmmakers to see the effects of adjustments in real-time, ensuring focus remains on the creative aspects of filmmaking. OLED Viewfinder Integrated adjustable viewfinder with HD OLED display and built-in proximity sensor enables precise, outdoor and handheld shooting. Tilting through a 70 degree range, it allows multiple shooting positions, with 4 element glass diopter for accurate focus adjustment. Professional Audio Four built-in, shock resistant microphones with extremely low noise capture incredibly clear, high fidelity audio. Haptics Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is designed to feel familiar and comfortable with logically placed external controls that offer quick access to essential functions. The soft-touch silicone grip inlay has a bespoke, 45° grip pattern providing perfect resistance against fingers, with a front 'pistol grip' scallop for added engagement.