SCUTE Fishing Rod Case

  • 2021

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SCUTE is a fishing rod case for rod storage and transport. The Australian designed product provides secure rod storage in-situ or during travel for 6 rods. The design combines practical and useful features to ensure maximum rod life and performance.

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  • Most available fishing rod cases are 'end opening'. They are difficult to pack. They require all rods to be unloaded or loaded at the same time. Available 'end opening' and 'side opening' cases have ineffective rod restraint and rod separation; rods are easily damaged. Existing cases have not been designed to be locked to a vehicle and are susceptible to heavy impacts, tampering and theft. So we designed a fishing rod case that is strong, lightweight, restrains and separates individual rods, is easily adjustable without tools, is lockable, quick to load and unload and integrates with car rack storage systems.

  • The SCUTE design solution is based on two proprietary aluminium extrusions. The extruded profiles have two key features. 1. Interlocking edges. 2. A double sided (internal / external) channel. The interlocking edge creates two full length hinges which are extremely strong and allows SCUTE to open into a 'wide' side opening position. The double-sided track provides a 'full length' mounting structure for all internal and external fittings without additional machining. In addition to their utility, these two features eliminate a large amount of post processing in comparison to using standard hinges and fitting mountings which require machining, and fixing hardware.

  • Every angler has at least one broken rod story, but they don't like using rod cases, why? Because existing rod cases do not work very well. They are slow to pack and unpack. Most rod cases require all rods to be removed at the same time and rods regularly get damaged while in a rod case. So we reinvented the fishing rod case. The result is a rod protection system that goes well beyond a case for your rods when you fly. SCUTE is the permanent rod storage solution for home, car and air travel.

  • SCUTE ([skjuːt] a bony plate or hard exoskeleton) is Australian designed and made, uses minimal labour in the manufacturing process (for local manufacturing efficiency), is available in any length up to 4 metres long, has a large rod capacity for its small diameter, has an integrated vehicle mounting and locking system, is easily repairable, will last a lifetime, is easily dismantled & recycled and has recyclable / compostable packaging.