Sanso EvOne

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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Beacon Lighting

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Sanso is the world’s first ceiling-mounted air purifier with light.

A single product that purifies the air you breathe, reducing the risk of asthma and allergies while providing an adaptable lighting solution that helps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Not to mention, Sanso does all this without cluttering the floor!

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Image: Lucas Allen
Image: Lucas Allen
Image: Lucas Allen
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  • As we entered 2020, just as much of Australia was recovering from bushfires and some of the poorest air quality on record, conversations around an emerging virus further propelled the awareness of the benefits of air purification within the home and office. So, like many, I began to look at options for my own home. Living in a home on the smaller side, I couldn't afford to clutter valuable floor space, and looking around my home office, I already had a ceiling fan, desk lamp, and an air conditioner, not to mention leads, chargers and many other portable devices.

  • Sanso is a single device that purifies and circulates air while providing an adaptable light and convent control without clutter or cords. Over the course of a two-year period, we worked alongside our engineering and manufacturing partners, developing countless iterations before landing on the design we have today. Creating a product that functioned as intended while being sustainable with replaceable lighting and filter components was challenging. We overcame this challenge by utilising a replaceable GX53 globe in the heart of the unit, surrounded by a custom-designed filter.

  • A custom-designed HEPA13 filter is at the heart of every Sanso air purifier, removing the finest pollutants and allergy-causing spores and pollens, reducing the risk of asthma, and improving the air quality within the home or office space. Working alongside the HEPA filter is Beacon Lightings' innovative LiveWell GX53 lamp. Developed alongside research conducted with Monash University, the exclusive LiveWell range is engineered to help increase concentration and improve sleep while providing better eye comfort thanks to its reduced flicker technology. A compact, stylish and intuitively functional product dedicated to health through the improvement of air and light quality.

  • Intuitive sensors and a convenient remote control provide convenient access to various features, including timers, burst settings and even a sleep mode that reduces noise levels and deactivates indicator lights. Built-in sensors monitor pollution levels and automatically adjust settings to ensure your home remains clean and safe at all times. Delivering a CADR of 100m3/h, Sanso EvOne is recommended for rooms measuring up to 12m2. Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and home offices. Working alongside the HEPA 13 filter, the ioniser creates and disperses negative ions that act like 1000s of magnets, clinging to nasty dust particles and pulling them straight out of the air. The LiveWell, Day Night Sleep LED light is engineered to help you get the most out of your day, increase concentration and improve your sleep while providing better eye comfort thanks to its reduced flicker technology. At night, settings reduce blue light and lower the colour temperature and brightness to promote melatonin production, the hormone which prepares your body and mind for sleep. During the day, Sanso can fill your home with energy-boosting light that is scientifically proven to make you feel more alert and energised.