Bandicoot Headlamp

  • 2019

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When Knog created their interpretation of a headlamp, it was safe to say that it was never going to be boring or expected. Born from Knog’s much-decorated design philosophy, Knog has reassessed what people want from headlamps, how they use them and even the materials they are made from.

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  • Headlamps have not been the subject of much innovation, Knog wanted to change that. The bulkiness of most traditional headlamps is one area that Knog wanted to address in our design. This bulk is often dictated by the inclusion of battery packs. Knog wanted to use learning from our much-decorated cycling heritage to help reduce weight and bulk. Knog also wanted to ensure our headlamp was multi-functioning but also simple and intuitive to use. Finally, Knog wanted to look at the materials that were used in headlamps, many of which are fairly unchanged from headlamps designs from the late 1970s.

  • Knog’s first design challenge was the size and bulk of traditional headlamps. Knog’s solution was to create a single low-profile chassis that combines LEDs and batteries. This chassis was able to provide a static platform that provided variable angle optics without the need for a hinge. Another area of innovation was Knog’s approach to the band, having looked at countless fabrics we returned to the many benefits of silicone. Finally, when looking at the strap Knog’s developed a unique ‘strapclip’ system which provides an easy to use solution to loosening or tightening, but one that holds its adjustment once set.

  • The result of our innovation, a headlamp that looks and functions like nothing else in the market. Utilising silicone and combining LED with a battery housed in a single chassis means the Bandicoot weighs just 60 grams, making it suitable for any use particularly when weight is a consideration. Whilst kicking out 100 lumens in its full power mode. Knog’s innovative single chassis and specific LED placement allow a range of different light modes rarely seen in headlamps. In line with other Knog products, the Bandicoot is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable again made possible by the single chassis design.

  • The band. Utilising silicone for our strap construction means our strap will not lose its shape like elasticated straps of traditional headlamps. Another benefit of silicone, as opposed to rubber, is that the strap will not pull or catch on the wearer’s hair, making it extremely comfy to wear. The final benefit of silicone is the easy to keep clean properties, just wipe down with a damp cloth and your headband is ready for its next adventure. LEDs. Placing different LEDs for each specific requirement has resulted in 5 distinct light settings: Combo – using all front LEDs giving you maximum light output. Spot – for when a single focused beam is needed. Ambient – for when wide and soft light is required. Red – the mode to use, when the user wants to avoid dazzling fellow campers Reading – a downward focused LED for all your reading needs. USB Rechargeable Bandicoot unlike the vast majority of headlamps does not require disposable batteries. Keeping your headlamp fully charged is made easy with a direct USB charge, plugging directly into wall or computer charge points. Waterproof 100% Waterproof As you’d expect having been designed in Melbourne, Bandicoot is 100% waterproof, so you can take it anywhere.