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Learning Australian history through the ANZAC CORRESPONDENT AR app keeps students more focused and engaged with 97% of them saying they found the app to be a great way to learn. We overcame the seven minutes attention span problem, easily keeping them hooked for a full 40 minutes.

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  • Technology is transforming the way we learn, see and understand the world around us. But schools and teachers don't always benefit from these technological advances when it comes to teaching Australian history. With student attention spans averaging seven minutes, it can be hard to engage them with century-old events through textbooks and lectures alone - especially when competing with the smartphones in their pockets. And if Australian students don't connect with their history, the ANZAC Legacy could be lost. So, how can we help younger generations feel connected to these stories?

  • We worked with curators from the Queensland Museum to create an augmented reality app, letting students experience World War One through the eyes of an ANZAC war correspondent. Right here, in the classroom. 'Step back in time to experience WWI through the eyes of an ANZAC war correspondent. Augmented reality (AR) makes history come alive as you collect photographs and stories from Australians across battlefields in Egypt, Turkey and France. It's history, captured by you.' Using their smartphone or tablets as a vintage camera, students capture photographs and learn stories from men and women on their journey across the battlefields.

  • The ANZAC CORRESPONDENT AR App transforms the way you learn, see and understand the world around you through augmented reality. Use augmented reality to make history come alive, right here, in the classroom. We collaborated with historians, teachers, and students to create ANZAC Correspondent, using AR technology to help younger generations feel connected to these stories. An immersive and innovative experience means students are kept engaged for longer, and the intuitive navigation allows students to direct their own learning experience. Primary sources used within ANZAC Correspondent give insight into different historical perspectives and provide valuable opportunities for further research.

  • - The app was launch via Email, poster, video through Queensland Government education network - 5 Stars on the App store - Launch by Queensland Education Minister with coverage on QLD TV Channels The app was tested at different stages by 14 Year 9 History students from State High School and College in Queensland. We conducted surveys to gather feedback making the app optimised for student's engagement. From students: "I liked how it was really realistic, how you can move around - it felt really real. I liked how it took you all around where the Australians were involved, you could see key features of it and I found that really good to learn with." - Sarah, Grade 10 Student "I like how it took me to different places and told me about the different things the ANZACs did in the different locations. I think learning is a bit easier when it's something different, and a bit more immersive, and it's actually speaking to you, instead of just reading it from a textbook and answering some questions. My favourite part was travelling the different places and being able to see exactly what happened in those places and teaching us about it." - Theo, Grade 10 Student