EvokeAG. & GrowAG.

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Commissioned By:

Agrifutures Australia

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evokeAG. and growAG. are the brainchild of AgriFutures, an Australian organisation invested in the future of rural industries. Through their annual event and worldwide programs, they aim to bring together a passionate community of farmers, scientists, technologists and startup enterprises to elevate the conversation around the future of food.

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  • Through digital, the websites would seek to promote and further Agrifuture's mission of promoting agrifood innovation. evokeAG. would represent the voice of the program, promoting the annual evokeAG. event while building an audience through editorial and rich content. growAG. would establish a platform to connect Australian inventors, world leading research, unique technologies, commercialisation opportunities and collaborators to the world.

  • The two websites would together reflect and represent the vision for agrifood innovation in Australia. With evokeAG. the website provides immediate impact and engagement, while promoting a rich journey through relevant content and information. Users will be greeted with an immersive video to connect with the brand, and navigate the website through exploration or a robust navigation system. growAG. focuses on discovery, providing an immediate portal to browse and find agrifood research and commercialisation opportunities. The design is intentionally focused on being functional and offering an intuitive way to navigate and filter content.

  • The two websites have launched to highly positive feedback from all audience groups, and have seen a growth in awareness and activity across both engagement and exploration. evokeAG. encompasses an "agrifood" innovation community across the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. Its reimagined website represents a shift in emphasis, from simply promoting the annual conference, to connecting a global network through shared experiences and relevant content. The nature of the websites are to promote Australian agriculture innovation, which is inherently driving a positive impact for all involved across the country, from farmers to researchers, and ultimately, consumers.

  • evokeAG. features include an extensive editorial platform to promote agrinews, a startup directory to promoting Australian startups, and the ability to promote events and showcase previous ones. growAG. is a highly sophisticated platform which manages a database of research projects, commercialisation opportunities and organisations across Australia, making them easily accessible and searchable for users. Users can also view data via maps, browse researchers and submit their own opportunities.