AirSense™ 11 Sleep Therapy Device

  • 2022

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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ResMed Inc

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AirSense™ 11 AutoSet | CPAP | Elite Combining enhanced digital health technology with effective therapy modes and design innovation, AirSense 11 APAP and CPAP machines are designed to make starting sleep apnea therapy, and adhering to it, easy and convenient.

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  • The Air11™ design team were set the challenge of replacing the innovative Air10™ series – targeting a new benchmark in Patient Experience and Engagement whilst bringing new innovations in Design, Manufacturing & Delivery. AirSense™ 11 is ResMed’s next-generation sleep therapy device designed to help hundreds of millions of people worldwide with sleep apnea* start and stay on therapy to treat and manage obstructive sleep apnea. ResMed's most digitally connected system ever - applying a user focused design methodology to deliver a thoroughly tested, desirable and convenient therapy experience with the performance ResMed is renowned for. *Benjafield AV et al. Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2019

  • Advanced digital health technology and patient centric design deliver ResMed’s best device yet. Out of Box Intuitive – AirSense™ 11; designed to be easy to start and stay on therapy. Air11™ includes access to myAir™, ResMed’s easy-to-use online support program and app designed to help patients get started and adjust to therapy. AirSense 11 users also get exclusive access to new myAir features like Personal Therapy Assistant and Care Check-In. Supporting the simple and intuitive Hardware, Personal Therapy Assistant and Care Check-In are designed to provide tailored guidance to users, helping ease them into therapy and comfortable nightly use.

  • AirSense™ 11, ResMed’s next-generation PAP (positive airway pressure) device designed to help hundreds of millions of people worldwide with sleep apnea* start and stay on therapy to treat and manage obstructive sleep apnea. AirSense 11 is designed to enhance ResMed’s already market leading position in digital health and sleep apnea treatment and re-define ResMed’s already best in class Patient Experience & Engagement. *Benjafield AV et al. Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2019

  • Market leadership and strong growth continues to drive an increase in volumes for ResMed to produce and ship, bringing into sharp focus the cost and environmental impact to create and move our products to market. Several ambitious targets were made to address waste, cost and efficiency. In one area of focus; it was identified that addressing the materials and volume of our packaging was a key enabler in reducing our environmental impact and cost to serve. Taking a holistic approach at the genesis of the project and considering the impact of product architecture on these factors opened opportunity to drive innovation. Whilst improving key aspects of performance, the Air11 Design Team managed to define an architecture that is 21.5mm slimmer & uses 8% less volume than Air10 – facilitating a more consumer aesthetic and user-friendly shape whilst dramatically impacting the efficiency of shipping Air11 to market. At full production Air11™ will palletise with a 67% gain over the previous generation Air10™ device whilst at the same time delivering a reduction of over 300 metric tonnes of Cardboard per annum* - a 39% reduction from the previous generation product. *on forecast sales volumes.