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Interfree is a diverse and innovative range of smart automation products, specifically designed to enable complete control of all devices and appliances from one easy-to-use platform. This Australian product revolutionises daily tasks for residential and commercial clients.

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  • Demand for smart products in everyday living has certainly increased in recent years, however many products are incredibly expensive and costly to install. Various softwares, systems, and the need to have multiple apps on your smart phone to control different types of devices and appliances, have proven to make what is meant to simplify living, infact more complex. Breaches of user privacy and security, along with connectivity issues where automation of the home or office ceases, highlight some of the issues that can arise from having smart products. Interfrees all in one solution was carefully created to eliminate these difficulties.

  • The design solution saw careful development of both hardware and software, in order to create an affordable yet luxurious system. All products have been made available in Zigbee and Wi-Fi to suit various needs and budgets of consumers. Our private Zigbee protocol ensures completely secure and stable connectivity, enabling automation to continue even without an internet connection. The extensive product range boasts a sleek and unique aesthetic, all of which have been designed for easily installation in both developing and retrofit buildings. Privacy and security of user information is guaranteed, with all data being stored within Australia only.

  • The Interfree mission is to enhance and simplify everyday living. Our complete package solution makes life easier by streamlining daily mundane tasks, enhances security to keep you protected, and helps to cut costs on your electricity bill. Remote app control ensures you always have access to your premises no matter where you are, giving you peace of mind that things are always running smoothly. Our solution has not only been designed to enrich life within the home or office, but to transform the operations of multiple industries, resulting in more efficient and cost effective practices, along with endless possibilities.

  • Real Time Energy Monitoring: Each switch and socket is equipped with individual gang, built in energy meters, enabling real time energy consumption monitoring in both wattage and dollar value. Pinpoint exactly how much money is being spent used on individual devices, specific rooms, or the entire building. Setup budgets via the app to cut costs and make savings. Automation and Scenes: Simply create automation rules, scenes and time scheduled operations so that your devices work for you. Program the air conditioner to automatically turn on when it gets too hot, the curtains in your bedroom to open at 8am every morning, security systems to activate so that your premises is protected 24/7. Activate scenes with one click to create the perfect mood for your morning routine, office meeting, movie time or date night. Compatible with both Google Home and Alexa for voice control. Real Time Notifications and Footage: Receive real time notifications on your smart phone if any motion is detected, if someone tries breaking in through your door or window, or if you've left devices on for too long. Be alerted and see exactly who's at your front door, and let them in remotely even when you're not home.