360 Cup

  • 2022

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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b.box for Kids Design Team

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The b.box 360 cup provides functional, independent drinking support for at home or out-and-about usage. Children tilt-and-sip from the edge of a soft silicone-covered, lip-activated 360 ̊ drinking rim, offering flow control and less spills. Easy grip handles offer clever two-mode function: twisting down for drinking and up to lock-and-go.

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  • We set out to create an intuitive hydration cup for children and toddlers as a stepping-stone to drinking from an open cup, with the convenience of reducing spills at home or on-the-go. Furthermore, we wanted to create a training cup that would improve hand-eye coordination and lip positioning - to develop and empower hydration skills. Our research revealed pain points for parents and caregivers around training cups: requiring children to suck hard to start the flow of water; the inconvenience of removable lids that get lost; and endless leakage due to loose parts.

  • Our 360 cup has a lip-actuated, wrap-around silicone seal. When a child presses its lips around the edge to drink, the bottom lip naturally puts pressure on the seal to open, so the drink easily flows into mouth. This clear lid allows a child to see into the cup while drinking, aiding in hand-eye coordination. An up-and-down ring with integrated handles allows the product to be in a spill-proof “drinking-mode” or a leak-proof “travel-mode” - where the ring seals off the seal to avoid leaks during transport. This ring protects the lid edge from damage during transit, keeping it hygienic.

  • Commercially viable, the b.box 360 is an innovative design, facilitating a natural, empowered drinking experience, for indoor or outdoor usage. Environmentally, the b.box 360 cup provides a reusable cup for drinking, being optimized with few parts, for example, the integration of the handle and the o-ring feature in the seal that are separable for recycling. Socially, children are empowered to drink from a cup independently. The cup is also spill-proof in its “drinking-mode”, and leak-proof in “travel- mode” - allowing parents to relax and not worry about spills.

  • A cleverly designed boss-and-slot system allows the handles to twist up and down to allow for drinking at home or in travel mode. Fine indents inside the twisting ring also allow the handles to be removed for cleaning with feedback “clicking noise” so the user knows it is in place. All parts can be separated for cleaning and recycling at end-of-life. The product can be washed by hand, in the dishwasher or be sterilised.