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Xylem is a modular planting & seating system which forms a conduit between plants and people. ‘Xylem’ is a biological term referring to the branch-like vascular tissue in plants that transports nutrients from roots to leaves, for photosynthesis. Xylem intimately connects people with the health-promoting benefits of plants.

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Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
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  • The brief for Xylem was to reimagine how we can connect people to work and live more organically with plants - both in the workplace, the urban realm, outdoors and indoors. The concept needed to be highly adaptable to the needs of various spaces. It also needed to be flexible enough to suit a range of user needs - both bringing people together and allowing people to relax their own space.

  • Xylem is a response to the importance of biophilic design in the workplace and the urban realm. It effortlessly integrates greenery and seating into any outdoor (or indoor) setting through its modular and adaptable design. With simple building blocks, Xylem can be infinitely added to and forms endless configurations. Xylem can branch out like a root system, form a cluster, become circular, or snake along in a single line for narrower spaces. Modules can be oriented to encourage people to come together (for socialisation or collaboration), or oriented to allow people more solitude (for focused work or breathing space).

  • Xylem is a system that intimately connects people with the health-promoting benefits of plants – a reminder of our interconnectedness and dependence on nature. From a sustainability perspective: Ninety per cent of the Xylem collection is formed with aluminium which both has recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Timber elements are crafted from sustainable FSC®-sourced spotted gum. The base is formed with glass-reinforced concrete which is extremely durable and promotes the longevity of the product in urban applications. Xylem is manufactured in Australia.

  • The Xylem Planters have also been expertly designed for indoor use – the drainage hole in the base may be plugged to prevent water leakage. A stylish mulch plate can also be selected – which supports standard-sized, sealed flower pots. This way, potted plants can then be placed inside the sealed flower pots and maintained. The mulch plate is finished in black textured powder coat and is beautiful when left visible, or the user may wish to hide it by placing mulch on top of the plate. Internally, the GRC base also becomes a waterproof reservoir to retain water, with an additional self-watering wicking system available (aiding plant maintenance).