KeepCup Helix

  • 2022

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Reuse on-the-go just got a new formula. KeepCup Helix lets you twist together your favourite new Original or Thermal cup into a classic or hybrid material bottle. Whether a latte, ice water, boba tea or a smoothie, KeepCup Bottle meets the moment with its modular, versatile and easy clean design.

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  • The design challenge was to create a water bottle aligned to the mission and values of KeepCup – to reduce single use, but also add value to the customer experience beyond drinking pleasure on the go. We wanted to stay true to the distinctive design and iconic shape of KeepCup, first launched to the public in Melbourne in 2009, but to also evolve the design and elevate product functionality.

  • The design solution retains the iconic features of KeepCup, highest quality materials and component durability, the tapered silhouette for easy pour and sip, and the distinctive lid and plug shape. We designed a premium and versatile cup-to-bottle system that acts as a constant reminder to multiply the reuse moments in a day. Added features: - dual seal on the fully sealing cup lid, to avoid spillages - bottle that twists apart to facilitate thorough clean, and a repertoire of beverages- thermal insulation, keeping your drink cool and hot (8h and 2h respectively) - easy to take apart, clean, and assemble.

  • KeepCup Helix continues to elevate the impact of our category defining range. The innovation presents an alternative to single-use disposable cups, but also bottles. Helix pushes the boundaries of consumer product design by reducing the constituent elements of an individual reusable cup and individual bottle, by simply twisting the two together. This clever yet simple solution facilitates easy fill, easy clean and lightens the load of the on-the-go reusables we carry every day, eliminating key barriers to daily reuse. A thoughtful design that challenges convenience culture and helps lighten our environmental impact.

  • The full range of Helix products includes lightweight cup-to-bottle solutions made from BPA- and BPS- free plastic as well as double-wall stainless steel across multiple sizes. The variety of materials and size flexibility allows consumers to choose products that really suit their needs, whether is the rush of the daily commute and lightweight-ness they are after, or insulation performance for the hiking path and beyond. The range has been designed and made in Australia; all plastic parts are made in Australia as well as being hand assembled in our Clifton Hill warehouse. A continuous commitment to quality assurance and collaborating with local communities.