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As tackling climate change becomes a key priority for governments and individuals around the world, environmental sustainability is at the top of the agenda. Many countries are working to reduce the impact they have on the planet – both today and in the years to come. 

The growing consideration for the planet coincides with an increasing consideration for the community. Consumers and communities across the globe now simply expect diversity, equity and inclusion – and they’re not afraid to turn their backs on organisations that don’t follow suit. 

While leading bodies and leaders are setting goals and implementing measures that move towards these priorities, it’s a cultural shift that relies on more than one person and more than one initiative. Only when we come together to address the problems at their sources can we truly cultivate the changes we need to ensure enduring, prosperous change for everyone. 

That’s where sustainable design comes in. 

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design is the process of creating products, services and experiences that consider environmental, social, and economic impacts from the initial phase through to the end of life of a project. When we consider that 80% of the ecological impacts of a product are locked in at the design phase, we can start to see the important role that designers and the design process have on the impact of a project through its full life cycle. 

Not only are governments, businesses and organisations calling for more sustainable design, but consumers are also increasingly shopping with their conscience. The World Economic Forum (WEF) found at least 65% of consumers want to make the right spending choices to live a healthier and more sustainable life. 

In response, designers are looking for opportunities to ensure their processes, materials and approaches are as efficient as possible. From designing for the Circular Economy and renewable energy solutions, regenerative design to inclusive frameworks and recyclable materials – the result is a movement toward design that nurtures people and planet. 

The Australian Good Design Awards passionately recognises the innovative ways designers are championing the future of sustainable design through the Good Design Award for Sustainability

This standalone Award celebrates:

Design Process – Projects that have been designed to use materials, processes or services that reduce environmental, human health or social impacts. 

Design Excellence – Projects that set new benchmarks in design for sustainability, circular design practice, environmental stewardship and regenerative design methods. 

Design Impact – Projects that deliver measurable sustainable outcomes and have a long-lasting, positive impact for the client, society, economy and environment. 

Since the Award was first introduced in 2007, it has recognised an incredible range of pioneering projects from across Australia and around the globe. 

Five sustainable Australian designs to watch

No Issues: Reuse, Refill, Recycle Packaging

Stylish solutions for plastic waste reduction

Did you know global toilet paper production alone consumes 27,000 trees daily? Ziah Lane set out to tackle the problem head-on and developed No Issues – a range of premium tree-free household products. Made from soft and strong bamboo fibres, the tissues are as biodegradable as they are soft. The range has expanded over the years, and now includes everything from paper towels and napkins to tissues and resealable bags. Plus, their subscription service means you’ll ‘never run out of the things you always run out of’. 

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Good Design Award Gold Winner 2022 – Packaging


Australia’s first sustainable dog food

The team behind Grubbo set out on a mission to ensure they were making the best possible choices for the planet. When they discovered the environmental pawprint that came with their dog’s food, they knew they needed to do something. So, they created a non-meat protein that’s good for pets and the planet.  Their ethically-sourced and packaged pet food is made with insects, as well as fruits and vegetables that would otherwise end up in landfill. The nutritionist-approved kibble invites owners to give their pets the protein they need without harming the planet. Plus, it’s flavour packed for Aussie pooches.

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Good Design Award Winner 2022 – Communication, branding and identity

Ferrars & York

Carbon-neutral apartments designed ‘for people and the planet’

Ferrars & York is the epitome of low-impact living that doesn’t compromise on style. The 8.6 star NatHERS project in South Melbourne offers residents the opportunity to indulge in an exceptional standard of residential living, complete with open walkways, a communal roof yard and BBQ facilities. Plus, each of the 22 carbon-neutral residences enjoy consistent air temperatures, better acoustic performance, significantly lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint. It’s also a short walk from the famous South Melbourne Markets, making it perfect for those ready to reduce petrol use. 

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Good Design Award Gold Winner 2022Architecture

Vaulta: Simply Superior Battery Casing Technology

Sustainable casings reducing battery waste

Based in North Brisbane, Dominic Spooner and Jerome Douvenfor designed and developed a patented way to recycle batteries and cut costs – without losing power. Their unique combination of smart design and materials creates a lighter, cheaper, easy to assemble and thermally superior battery case. Designed to be disassembled with ease, the batteries can be removed and recycled for simple testing and replacement over time. 

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Good Design Award for Sustainability Winner 2022

Willow & Claude

Planet-friendly wool alternatives

Willow & Claude believes “the future of knitwear is made of plants, not animals’. This ethos led to a design and development of an ethically-sourced cotton clothing range that celebrates quality and aesthetics in equal parts. As part of the process, the team also created a short documentary that takes viewers on the journey ‘from seed to sweater’, encouraging them to become part of the solution. 

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Good Design Award Gold Winner 2022


The Good Design Awards recognise excellence in sustainability, architecture, tech and more. Enter the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards and make your mark on a better, safer and prosperous future – today. 


Submissions for the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards close 21st April, 2023.

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