Zip HydroTap Classic Plus

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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Zip Water

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HydroTap Classic Plus is the re-design and modernisation of the classic tap and font that instantly delivers boiling, chilled, sparkling filtered water. The new, Australian-designed antibacterial touch-pad allows for more intuitive water selection, including a boiling water safety lock and continuous flow for bottle fill. The new raised font also minimises water spillage.

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  • The HydroTap Classic tap was first introduced in 2004 and since then the design hasn't changed. Feedback from specifiers, designers and consumers was: - The design is dated. - The sparkling water activation isn't intuitive. - The font vessel can overflow with water and leak onto the bench top. The design challenge was: How do we modernise the HydroTap Classic tap and font to address identified pain points. The biggest challenge we faced was looking at how we could modernise the design of the iconic HydroTap Classic making it more intuitive, while maintaining the DNA of our most popular and most recognisable product.

  • New HydroTap Classic Plus is a re-design of the flagship Classic tap that is more beautiful and more intuitive. The entire re-design process was informed by ongoing customer consultation in both Australia and the UK. The Classic tap lever activation has been replaced with a new silicone anti-bacterial touch-pad that features simple iconography for intuitive selection of boiling, chilled or sparkling water. There is a boiling water safety lock and new continuous flow mode for bottle-fill. The font has also been re-designed making it a statement piece on any bench-top. It's easier to install and now minimises water spillage.

  • - SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection in the Classic Plus touch-pad reduces surface bacteria by 99.99% helping stop the spread of germs was added in response to COVID. - New intuitive bottle-fill supports sustainable living by making it easier to fill bottles and eliminate need for single-use plastic bottles. - Powered by G5 technology it features customisable energy modes and usage settings for personalisation and sustainability. - Delivers on strategy to grow the category by driving penetration into advanced benefit technology that customers value. - HydroTap Classic Plus was designed and manufactured at Zip Water's factory in Condell Park, Western Sydney supporting local manufacturing and jobs.

  • Classic Plus tap: - SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection on the touch-pad provides an added layer of safety and protection by preventing the growth of bacteria and spread of germs. This is particularly important in the workplace as more workers return to the office and expect increased levels of hygiene. HydroTap Classic Plus is powered by G5 technology in the under-bench system that features: - Addition of SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection impregnated into key water paths for enhanced hygiene. - 100% water efficient air cooled technology. - New smarter interactive user interface makes it easier to find and customise HydroTap settings. - Customisable energy modes and usage settings for personalisation and sustainability. - New CO2 level indicator in sparkling models. - New 'Quiet' mode with intelligent fan speed automatically adjusts the fan speed between 100, 75 & 50 percent making the under-bench system quieter during low use. - Energy saving settings with ON/OFF timers to set the times your HydroTap will be used either weekly or daily. - Sleep modes reduce power consumption if the tap has not been used for 2 hours. 'Sleep when it's dark' function puts your HydroTap to sleep when lights have been turned off.