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  • 2022

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Brian Doyle

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The Indoor Line is a strong, compact, and high-capacity clothesline that effortlessly extends from, and retracts into the unused cavity of an interior door. The line provides 14.8 metres of drying space and is conservatively rated to hold 28 kilograms. It is an ergonomic, space-saving solution for streamlined urban living.

Image: Richard Gibson ACS
Image: Richard Gibson ACS
Image: Richard Gibson ACS
Image: Richard Gibson ACS
Image: Richard Gibson ACS
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  • The indoor Line was designed in response to the ever-increasing pressure on living space and the imperative to conserve energy. An increasing number of people no longer have backyards in which to dry their clothes, and electric clothes driers consume a significant amount of energy. While there are numerous folding clotheslines on the market, all these models need to be stored when not in use, and they are unsuitable for hotels and small spaces. After looking at these problems, we set a brief to design an interior clothesline that was strong, easy to operate, and came with its own storage.

  • Since the product will be primarily used in small living spaces, it has been designed to be elegant and visually appealing. We solved the storage problems encountered by all the existing fold-away clotheslines by designing a product that retracts into the existing cavity seen in domestic interior doors. The product is built from high-quality materials, making it robust and durable. While it is designed to last the life of the door, the product is also manufactured in materials that can be recycled, should that ever be required. The product requires no power to operate and so has zero emissions.

  • We wanted to design a product that was able to be used by people regardless of the size of their homes and to make a better product to support uncluttered living and improve the quality of life for people living in small homes. The design of the proprietary sliding carriage that the Indoor Line is built around has enabled us to design a range of Indoor design solutions that retract into the cavity of an interior door. These will include an ironing board, an indoor safe, and an Indoor tool kit to name a few.

  • When we were conceiving and designing the Indoor line, we established a set of principles that we believe are essential to a better world. We wanted the product to be based on environmentally sound principals, such as being long-life, recyclable and (beyond manufacture) zero power use. We were determined that the product would be financially accessible across a wide range of socio-economic groups and most of all, we wanted to improve the user’s quality of life. We did an extensive amount of prototyping with several proof-of-concept handmade prototypes being built before we moved into the proof-of-manufacture stage. At each stage of prototyping, we installed the indoor Line into a working door and had someone use it in a real-life situation, so as to iron out any problems. This part of the process greatly influenced the evolving design. In keeping with our wish to create products that are part of ensuring a better world, we have created a simple step assembly process that creates employment opportunities for both workers with disabilities and elderly workers who might be seeking employment. We have trademarks and patents in place and the total addressable market suggests we should sell the Indoor Line around the world.