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Vbreathe Tasman – the world’s most intelligent portable indoor-air environmental detoxification device. A world first patented combination of HEPA filtration and VActive natural Gel technology works to radically improve indoor air quality. Independently tested, the Tasman design has demonstrated an extremely successful reduction against a TGA accepted surrogate coronavirus of 99.9%*. Tasman has been independently proven to reduce harmful indoor bacteria, viruses, microbes, mould, toxins and airborne particles (PM2.5 to 1 micron).

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  • VBreathe sought to reduce health risks and illnesses associated with poor indoor air quality. Most advanced current market solutions rely on HEPA filtration alone, requiring air to be circulated through the device. The solution is ineffective, harmful microbes multiple faster than air can be circulated, whilst windows and doors re-allow harmful particles + microbes into the environment. The challenge was to develop a smart + portable device that delivers natural vapour to smoother microbes in the air, detoxifying the indoor air environment, not just air circulated through the device. Tasman needed to incorporate an array of the latest smart sensors, real-time air quality monitoring, automatic activation, and connection to the VBreathe AirChain cloud management platform.

  • The VBreathe Tasman indoor-air detoxification delivers a world first dual-combat approach to indoor-air environmental detoxification. Proprietary anti-bacterial coated HEPA Filtration combined with patented VActive Gel technology provides continuous protection and has been independently validated by two leading Australian laboratories. Tasman incorporates highly advanced sensors (Particle, Carbon-Monoxide, Temperature, Humidity, Gel weight, Airflow, Dew point and more) that monitor, indicate and automatically activate to maintain healthy air quality. Strikingly simple to use, independently proven, intelligent and well connected. Tasman is the world’s first portable indoor-air environmental detoxification device that collects, corrects and monitors indoor air quality. Tasman is fully controllable worldwide via the cloud-based VBreathe AirChain platform.

  • VBreathe Tasman is the world’s first portable indoor-air environmental detoxification device, the first of its kind to detoxify the surrounding air without having to pass through the device. Vbreathe patented VActive Gel combined with HEPA Filtration, 3-stage fan circulation, and controlled Gel evaporation, works to disperse microscopic Gel vapours into the air. Vapours then surround and starve air particles carrying harmful mould, bacteria, particles, and viruses. *Independently tested, the Tasman design has also demonstrated a 99.9% reduction against a TGA accepted surrogate coronavirus. VBreathe’s greatest impact is with the end user, a safer home and work environment, greatly reducing airborne risks to health and well-being, powered by Tasman’s advanced technological + natural indoor-air environmental detoxification solution.

  • • VBreathe identified approx. 80% of market available air-purifiers utilise just HEPA filtration, requiring air to pass through the device. Several consumer brand-leader HEPA solutions are offered at premium price points, very few feature any smart sensor technologies, and most demonstrated little to no effect on mould, bacteria, viruses and/or small particles. HEPA filtration alone is not an effective solution, unable to purify microbes faster than they multiple. • VBreathe Tasman is world first, patented portable indoor-air detoxification device that combines HEPA filtration with the power of VBreathe’s proprietary VActive Gel Technology. VBreathe’s dual-action solution reaches into and detoxifies the entire room, not just the air circulated through the device, effectively capturing + starving: viruses, bacteria, mould, particles + smoke, cooking smells/bad odours, and deters mosquitoes. • VActive Gel is a blend of natural Australian essential oil extracts. VActive gel has been through a rigorous six year period of development and testing. VActive Gel has been independently proven to work in hotels, hospitals and to reduce poor air quality related health symptoms in individuals with allergies. More than 100k VActive gel cartridges have been tested worldwide. Case Studies: A hospital showed a 63% reduction in mould count. A bus company showed a 97% reduction in mould count. An office space showed a reduction of 80% in mould and 100% in bacteria. Microbial contaminants were reduced by 80% in 24-hours in a residential home with ducted air-conditioning. VActive Gel has been certified as 100% food safe.** • *Murine hepatitis virus (MHV) -1 ATCC ® VR-261™ is a member of the Coronavirus family and has been used as a surrogate for the SARS coronavirus in published disinfectant studies. • *The antiviral action of common household disinfectants and antiseptics against murine hepatitis virus, a potential surrogate for SARS coronavirus. *Murine hepatitis virus strain 1 produces a clinically relevant model of severe acute respiratory syndrome in A/J mice. The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) also lists VR-261 under its SARS Research Material. • *Considering the cytotoxicity and neutralisation test results, the sample “V-Active Gel” has shown virucidal efficacy against MHV-1 by achieving 3.78 log reduction** in virus concentration after a 2 hours exposure period at room temperature. • *Microbiological test results are often presented as 'Log Reductions' rather than as 'Percentage' reductions. This technical note has been prepared to indicate and clarify the association between the two. Technical Note: 2 log reduction = 99% reduction. 3 log reduction = 99.9% reduction. 4 log reduction = 99.99% reduction. • VBreathe devices can be controlled via smartphone, web, or other smart devices (Samsung Smart Home, Apple HomeKit, Google Home + Amazon Alexa) using the VBreathe AirChain Platform. • Utilising the VBreathe AirChain cloud platform – Users can add, monitor, control and manage up to 100,000 devices from one account, from anywhere in the world. • Tasman has been Designed, Developed, and Assembled in Australia. • VActive Gel has been 100% developed and manufactured in Australia, using all natural ingredients and Australian Essential Oils. • Please request additional information + access to independent studies + reports for review by emailing: [email protected], and cc’ing: [email protected]