Urban Maglev Train – Transport System Bögl (TSB)

  • 2021

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    Automotive and Transport

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Fully automatic transportation system for local public transport. Thanks to maglev technology, the trains are virtually soundless and do not emit exhaust fumes or particulate matter. Tracks can be built on stilts, at ground level or underground.

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Image: Firmengruppe Max Bögl
Image: erfindergeist GmbH
Image: Firmengruppe Max Bögl
Image: Firmengruppe Max Bögl
Image: erfindergeist GmbH
Image: erfindergeist GmbH
Image: erfindergeist GmbH
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  • A central brief for the design was for the visual appearance to be noticeably different from that of conventional transport systems such as metro, tram or bus. Additionally, there were several requirements about lightweight construction and installation space. The basis of each vehicle is a railcar body made from extruded aluminium profiles. The usable standing area and the internal space needed to be as large as possible. A classic front cabin was not possible for reasons of construction space and overall weight. The front bulkhead needs to feature a wide door opening for the emergency exit.

  • The exterior design of the vehicle front is characterized by an aerodynamically active spoiler structure made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The minimalist appearance is inspired by modern concrete architecture. Independence and clarity are also the guiding principles of interior design. Durability, practical utility and safety were central considerations in design development and in the choice of materials. Interior fittings seem to levitate, reflecting the passengers' transport experience in the maglev train. The interior provides a high degree of everyday utility for commuters as well as families or tourists on short-distance journeys.

  • The TSB is a passenger-friendly and resident-friendly system for urban transport. Thanks to magnetic levitation technology and onboard short stator linear motors, the TSB railcars are virtually soundless and do not emit exhaust fumes or particulate matter. Prefabricated concrete elements allow for fast assembly and integration of new tracks into cityscapes and urban areas while saving resources. A fully automatic transportation system, the TSB offers a capacity of up to 34,000 passengers per hour and direction, which is on a par with an underground metro. Its infrastructure costs considerably less than that for other systems with similar performance.

  • The railcars were developed entirely from scratch. Stringent demands in terms of lightweight construction, available interior space and safety had to be met. A front emergency exit system specially developed for this transportation system provides for safe evacuation on single tracks. The system's large passage width allows two passengers to exit at the same time or one person in a wheelchair to be evacuated. The track features a secured gangway with exits to ground level. At higher travel speeds, spoilers at the front of the vehicle are actively adjusted to create airflow channels which reduce air resistance. The spoilers at the rear are kept closed and serve as a lip. The spoilers reduce wind noise and contribute significantly to the transportation system's energy efficiency. Special emphasis was placed on creating synergies in the functional integration of vehicle systems. Ceilings double as air ducts, necessary technical joints between components serve as in- and outlets for ventilation and air conditioning. Thanks to flat-panel loudspeakers, the ceiling panelling becomes part of the passenger information system. Cladding serves as a reflector for the indirect LED lighting. Effect lighting reinforces the floating appearance of the interior fittings while also functioning as part of the signage.