Two Good Co. eComm Platform

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Two Good Co.

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A new eCommerce platform to power Two Good Co. – a Sydney-based social enterprise empowering women with lived experience of homelessness, domestic violence and complex trauma. Designed to service both B2C and B2B, through the sale of high quality food and self-care products, the site supports vulnerable women.

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  • The challenge for Two Good’s new platform was twofold - increasing backend efficiency through the integration of a new tech stack, while increasing retail sales on the frontend. We needed to streamline their tangled workflow of ordering processes and platforms through a robust architecture, to cater for multiple audiences across wholesale and consumer. To increase retail sales, we had to showcase the impact these purchases would have on women's lives, while designing beyond a ‘charity’ website. Conveying the quality of the Two Good products was key - positioning them as a legitimate challenger to more recognised luxury brands.

  • Communicating Two Good’s ‘why’ is crucial to their success. By giving the women they support a platform to tell their real, raw stories, through video and large imagery, we created an emotive reason to purchase Two Good products. The crafts(wo)manship of the range is the secondary supporting point to ensure cart conversions. Thoughtful product pages give the items the premium feel they deserve. On the backend, we automated several systems, removing manual upload of CSV files, and integrating the new ERP with our eComm layer - delivering a system that syncs the catering and retail arms of the business.

  • Two Good Co. is a business for good. So while their focus is unwaveringly on their social mission of believing in vulnerable women until they believe in themselves again, they can’t neglect the commercial viability of their organisation. This new platform reduced the reliance on antiquated systems, created one source of truth, and set Two Good up for scale. It drastically reduced internal hours, from website management, all the way through to inventory and fulfilment. And by creating a seamless eComm experience for shoppers on the front end, more women have been helped into paid employment - Two Good’s ultimate KPI.

  • We had two very different target audiences for our design to connect with. From user research, corporate clients wanted a partner with a clear social purpose, and to see their tangible impact. Retail customers wanted product ranges that deliver incredible quality combined with a strong ethical backstory, so that they can feel good about their spending. Every product category or product page shares a user’s impact, and reminds people that small choices can make big differences. Product pages also link to individual stories of the women Two Good has helped to build an emotional connection and show the profound effect their purchase will have. To bring depth to the design concept, we added subtle colour gradients to the black and white brand, adding colours for product categories, and a clever hover effect. Familiar UI elements like dropdowns and accordions were reimagined to be supersized, aligning to our theme of protest and challenging the status quo. Two Good Co. started with a portable BBQ in Kings Cross, and they never want to forget their community roots. We created a ‘Words of Goodness’ wall at the bottom of the homepage encouraging people to send a message of love and support.