Trinity ZERO Coffee Press

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Trinity Coffee Co.

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Trinity Zero is the coffee press with purpose. Made with 30% less materials than other press alternatives, Zero can brew high-quality espresso and filter style coffee anywhere. This Australian design has no single use components, making it as handy as it is environmentally friendly.

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  • The problem of waste surrounding single use cups in the coffee industry has been addressed by industry, however the issue of the coffee brewing process has not been a focus to date. The method of traditional espresso can be wasteful in itself - large amounts of heat and energy are required to pressurise a steam chamber, to produce a concentrated shot of coffee, which is then diluted down again with milk or water. Coffee does not require this complex process, or the large amount of resources that go with it, to create a high quality cup of coffee.

  • The Trinity Zero Coffee Press was designed primarily to offer a solution to brew coffee with the lowest environmental impact possible. This was solved by minimising the material required in the manufacturing process to begin with, consuming less than 30% of material compared to other alternatives. All components are recyclable with a long lifecycle expectancy, due to no wearing seals or parts. This was achieved through a patented air-pressure mechanism that pressurises the brewer. The product includes no single use components, pods or paper filters, and offers a versatile brewing function from espresso to filter styles.

  • By reducing the components and material volumes, Trinity Zero radically reduces the environmental cost and creates a specialty coffee experience that is extremely lightweight and portable, perfect for travel or use at the home or office. The impact is even more significantly reduced when compared against traditional espresso machines, which consume significant amounts of electricity and carbon dioxide, through raw material and machine manufacturing, through to the logistics of sending bulky and heavy machines to consumers. The Zero is incredibly versatile and is able to prepare all coffee styles, through its unique patented design around pressure generation.

  • The patented design on Trinity Zero includes a unique method of generating pressure. This is achieved by the inclusion of a pump and valve that is activated using your thumb or hand, which in turn pressurises the water chamber and forces water through the bed of coffee. This simple and straight forward brewing process makes it easy for anyone to pick up and use, with no challenging or complex brewing instructions required. The appeal of Trinity Zero extends to a wide audience, through the versatility that it offers. It is possible to brew anything from an espresso style coffee, through to an americano or filter coffee style and even cold brew. The coffee is even strong enough to work with steamed milk for a flat white or piccolo style, which is amazing when considering it's small footprint. The product presents to the design community a clear stance that there is no fuss, extensive complexity or expense required in order to brew great coffee anywhere.