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  • 2019

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Till Payments

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Till Payments is building the next generation Intelligent Payment and Revenue Assurance systems, backed by a streamlined merchant acceptance facility across every payment instrument, including cash. Till simplifies the acceptance of up to 300 payments instruments for merchants and provides consumers with more ways to pay on a single device.

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  • Till was born from a real-world problem that customers were having,real time tracking and securing of payments, including cash, in transit and at retail. Our TillMobi product provides real-time visibility to in vehicle payments down to the coin with a single end of day reconciliation which saves time, money and increases security around cash handling. Till Pro provides a blended payment solution, including cash, that allows merchants to focus on selling more products rather than payment andcash handling. The challenge being, how do we cater for both environments that share a common problem in a suitable form-factor.

  • There is no use in having a sexy product that is difficult to use and not intuitive. Both products went through numerous changes in modelling and prototyping stages as new challenges and improvements were considered and tested. Not only did we design the physical aspects of the product, Till designed, built, and manufactured all PCB’s. Till controls the entire ecosystem and we were able to design electronics with physical elements in mind and vice versa. This synergy of form and function has created a well rounded and thought out product that meets consumer and merchants’ expectations for a payment device.

  • It’s critical to make sure the product fits the environment it’s to be used in. Moreover, Till Pro is customer facing, a centre point for a store and where important transactions of payment take place. The product needed a small footprint, be secure, trustworthy, user friendly and reliable. Till combines the latest QR, crypto currencies and credit payments alongside traditional cash and coin, giving the ability for a customer to pay in any way they want, not the other way around.Our products are designed to have minimum impact on their environment,on the journey to an ecofriendly cashless society.

  • Till puts security and trust as the cornerstones of how we design our products. Design needs to conform to function but cannot overrule, there must be a balance. We started with the customer interface in mind, how would a consumer think to interact with our devices even on the first-time use. This combined with the fact payments are universal as there is no demographic for money; everyone from small children to the elderly needed a common simple to use interface that assisted them to make quicker and effortless payments. We chose industry standard and easy to operate touch screens on all our product to allow quick navigation and user prompting. This allows continuous improvements and the ability for products to evolve as newer payments types are introduced. Finally, we tackled the physical movement of cash out of our devices in a single, removable, secure and connected case that contained notes and coins already counted ready for deposit. The biggest differentiator in the Till product is that every other product requires notes and coins to be stored and removed separately which provides a window of vulnerability once removed from the systems where the customer has no visibility of their cash.