HP Wireless Multi-Device 630M Mouse

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

Designed in the United States of America, the HP Wireless Multi-Device 630M Mouse is a wireless travel mouse that can pair with and switch between 3 computers, tablets, or other devices. With one mouse for all their devices, it’s the perfect option for anyone on the go.

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  • HP Design was tasked with designing an ergonomic mouse that would be compact for travel, with a design that complements HP laptop styling.

  • Users travel with computers, tablets, and other devices. For users doing precision work, a highly accurate pointing device can be better than a built-in trackpad. By making a multi-device travel mouse, the user has one mouse for all their devices.

  • The HP Wireless Multi-Device 630M Mouse was designed for all-day comfort. It works with computers and mobile devices, and easily switches between 3 paired devices. The entire user experience is customizable with programmable buttons, and a scroll wheel that can change from rotating with detents to smooth scrolling, called Hyper-Scroll. Reconnecting your mouse every time you switch devices is so outdated. Pair the HP 635M Multi-Device Wireless Mouse with up to 3 different devices using a USB Nano dongle or pair it with up to 2 devices using Bluetooth. You can even move a document from one device to another.

  • App specific programmable feature and programmable buttons means users will work faster in their favorite apps. The ability to adjust DPI tracking means that users can adjust sensitivity as they wish, to best suit their needs in specific applications.