The Muse Edition – Designer Memory Foam Play Mats

  • 2023

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

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Suz Hennessy

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Our memory foam play mats have been designed to mimic the look of modern flooring and rugs to work seamlessly with any interior. They provide a safe, comfy spot for children to play, thanks to their non-toxic materials and thick shock-absorbing, sound-reducing foam.

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Image: Alex Warden
Image: Bree Gunal
Image: Oliver Geier
Image: Oliver Geier
Image: Oliver Geier
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  • Tired of bright, baby products that make your home look like a daycare centre? Yep, us too. Our environment has a profound impact on our mood and overall wellbeing, and these loud, bright items can actually cause overwhelm for parents and their babies. That is why we design kid’s decor that helps to create harmony in the home so families can enjoy their space together.

  • When designing our prints we wanted to cater to both parents and children's needs. Each product features two prints: 1. A neutral realistic textured rug print that can bring a sense of calm to a play area. 2. A modern graphic print which is also visually stimulating for babies and proven to be a great way to help extend tummy time and teaches the muscles of the eyes and brain to coordinate and function properly. Our range of prints include modern terrazzos, travertine and textured rug patterns that are so realistic you will have to look twice.

  • Our homes mean so much to us. It’s where we see our children grow up, where we make memories and where we connect as a family. Interiors that are noisy and disorganised can cause stress and anxiety. Therefore, thoughtfully designed interiors can have a profound and transformational effect on mood, happiness and over-all sense of well being. Our products are designed to help parents to create calm, comforting spaces that discourage overstimulation, so they can connect with their children each and every day.

  • Fully reversible, easy to wipe clean, big enough for the whole family to enjoy and safe and certified for newborns.