The Future of Personal Data Ownership


As data management is often unknown to users, PwC came up with an app that gives power back to the consumer to manage and consent the use of their personal data. The app integrates all personal information that matters, so you can be the only one managing what concerns you.

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  • Lately, data and privacy has become a pressing and highly relevant issue. A company can extract over 15,000 data attributes from their users. Then, imagine the complexity of this where a person’s data is held by 350 brands - 83% of which they do not know plus the actions available for them to organise. Analysing how users will be the total owners of their data, understanding as easily as possible who, where, when and why others have this information and encouraging them to manage that themselves in an interactive and thoughtful user experience was the challenge of the design.

  • To help users be in control of their own data use, we created a solution through an app with great UI/UX design that simplifies complex personal data management. The app features a simple, modern, bold and interactive storytelling journey style to provide insights into user’s own personal information and privacy inputs. Our app integrates all relevant personal data with a thoughtful user experience — so the users now have a reliable tool that helps and encourages them to understand how to manage their relevant information, in a transparent and sincere way, closing the gap between companies and customers.

  • With the Consent Management app, PwC is delivering a sustained outcome which breaks barriers, builds trust among the customers, and makes a difference in the way companies manipulate personal information — making people the real owners of what in the past (before the app) others were managing behalf them without their consent, reducing their data vulnerability. Our mindfully designed interface and user experience of the app make it easy for users to monitor their information, encouraging them to be more involved and be responsible for their personal details — further preventing the alarming issue of unlawful use of personal data.

  • Our team carefully designed each flow and section of the app to make the user experience a journey into their own data, solving concerning questions they had previously because of the lack of the existence of a product like this that gathers all their relevant information in one place — making them decide what others can access. With our passion for designing satisfying, accessible and functional apps, we combined the user’s needs with PwC’s to construct a journey of seamless experiences and sleek design. The PwC scope spanned everything from creating a consumer app journey, client-side workflow, UI Brand Concept and Kit Design to UI/UX Design. Furthermore, we created all navigation elements including buttons, sliders, icon sets, and style guides detailing colour schemes and types. Our UX design including the client portal and user app, involved mapping the data structure and processes to create database architecture and plan how the information is visualised. We also created user flows, designed extensive wireframes, and complete assistive platform content. The UI design involved complete design to match with brand and UX design. This included all required icons, illustrations and animation. We delivered the interaction designs with Adobe XD in both Arabic (RTL) and English.