The 3X Bluicer Pro

  • 2021

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Development Team

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The 3X Bluicer Pro combines the best of Breville’s patented blending and juicing technologies into a versatile and space saving design. This Australian-designed product allows users to create completely new and healthier flavour profile by blending, juicing or ‘bluicing’ fresh ingredients.

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  • With the 3X Bluicer Pro you no longer need to choose between using a Blender or a Juicer. Instead, you can blend, juice or combine both to create new flavours previously not available from a domestic appliance. The 3X Bluicer Pro leverages the best of Breville's Blending and Juicing technologies into a single product, minimising cleaning, benchtop use and storage. Designers and Engineers were challenged to consider simple interfaces between Blending and Juicing accessories and how these could share a common powerbase. In addition, operation needed to be intuitive, also recognisable as a Breville product through visual design language.

  • Breville's aim was to combine the best of Breville's Kinetix Blending and Cold Spin Juicing technologies into a versatile, space saving design. Initial development was centred around a dual-output drive design, both Blender and Juicer operable simultaneously. After consumer research however, the decision was made to simplify the design to a single output drive, greatly reducing the product's footprint without compromising Breville's proprietary technology. The result is a product that allows the user to create healthier blended drinks with simpler functionality. The 3X Bluicer Pro has exceeded initial sales expectations and created an entirely new domestic appliance product market.

  • Improving health is at the foundation of Breville's juicing and blending technologies. Through convenient and intuitive user experience, the 3X Bluicer Pro promotes Health and Wellness, encouraging experimentation around the creation of healthier drinks, using fresh ingredients. The product represents a new category for Breville, promoting the best of both Juicing an Blending. Through user research and product feature differentiation, this unique category is anticipated to grow globally. Breville designs classic, durable, easy-clean, serviceable products to keep. Material selection and extensive life testing was paramount to identifying issues and solutions that would produce optimal performance over longer periods of time.

  • Elevated Juice Nozzle; Patented Cold Spin technology allows Juice to elevate via the Juice Collector profile, combined with centripetal force of the juice, allowing greater volumes to be Juiced. Drive Design; Designers and Engineers incorporated the Blender Drive into the Juicer Drive Coupling, a design patented by Breville. Vacuum Compatiblity; The 3X Bluicer Pro is compatible with Breville's Vac Q vacuum pump, improving texture, colour and flavours, enhancing smoothies, spreads, dips and soup. Locking Bar; Unique to Breville, the Locking Bar secures both Blender and Juicer accessories onto the Powerbase, for safe operation. Wide Feedchute; The 3X Bluicer Pro features an 88mm feed chute, to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting. Kinetix Bowl System; Breville's patented Kinetix bowl profile and blade system allows ingredients to recirculate, producing finer results with better mouthfeel. Accessory Recognition; The 3X Bluicer Pro automatically recognises accessories and, for best results, configures the available control profiles. Brushed, Deep Drawn Stainless Steel; A unique, stainless steel 'Unibody' assembly allows easy cleaning, durability and alignment with the Breville range. One Touch Blending Programs; optimized time and speeds producing the best results for smoothies, Blending ice into snow and create fresh cocktails with the frozen cocktail program