H5A Camera Platform System

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The H5A Camera Platform System captures high resolution video and audio to monitor public spaces by detecting unusual activity and movement of people and objects. The system consists of various cameras designed for specific environments. Integrated infrared technology is incorporated to provide night vision capability.

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  • Designers were challenged to provide a connected, integrated system of security cameras for the following environments: -Vandalism prone areas such as public elevators, correctional institutions, and wherever hardened security is needed. -Hallways where multiple cameras are often needed for coverage but installers need to reduce mounting points. -Large public spaces where 360 degree coverage is needed from a device with flexible and unobtrusive mounting possibilities.

  • -Corner Camera features a unique "anti ligature" mounting system eliminating all external affordances to discourage theft. -Hall Camera is designed with dual sensors to provide views from each end of the device thereby reducing the number of cameras required. -Fisheye camera provides a 360 degree view with a single image sensor. Developers created a unique de-warping algorithm enabling the device to send distortion free native video. -After observing mounting scenarios and installer activity Designers developed a set of simplified accessories including recessed mounts, rain shields, and conduit/box terminations. All devices in this system meet IP67 intrusion specifications.

  • The H5A Platform System benefits two user categories : -System designers and installers are provided with a variety of easy to mount, plug and play solutions designed to integrate well with overall security ecosystems. Attention to ruggedization also reduces maintenance and repair from vandalism and environmental hazards. -End users such as security personnel and data analysts enjoy enhanced computing power and image resolution. They are able to rely on a purpose built, flexible system to provide relevant results and inform operational decisions. This speeds delivery of actionable insights allowing improved outcomes as users manage incidents in real time.

  • -H5A system components are intended to recede into their environment and not attract attention. Colors and finishes are harmonious with building interiors and forms are developed to integrate with typical mounting locations. -H5A Hallway camera provides the option to integrate a typical 4x4 surface mount electrical box with a mounting skirt eliminating the "retrofit" appearance often associated with mounted devices. -H5A Fisheye camera offers a low profile flush mount option to conceal the device while providing unobtrusive coverage over broad areas. A paintable camera front plate can be customized to blend in with interior aesthetics. -The H5A Corner camera mounts where two walls and a ceiling meet. Because of this the form is simplified to be compatible with a variety of interiors and wall systems while still providing the tamperproof/vandalism resistant structure demanded. This device is constructed of cold rolled stainless steel to increase ruggedness. The premium appearance and permanence of stainless departs from the "plastic utility box" aesthetic present in typical interior technology components. -The common system form language gives operators and installers confidence in an integrated system with the flexibility needed for a wide variety of applications.