Telstra Wi-Fi Gateway

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Access to the internet has expanded immensely; however, one piece of technology has remained literally in the shadows, hidden behind doors. It’s a device that should stand proud and tall in our homes, connecting our lives.

That is why we have redesigned the modem.

Introducing Telstra’s new Gateway.

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  • The Gateway has been designed to be bold and stand tall alongside your ornaments, your vases and books. It's an object to be displayed, rather than a piece of hardware to be used. In this sense we set about designing a product that not only functionally worked but also was able to become a part of the decor and part of the architecture. In many ways we were limited by not only the size and shape of the fixed internal components, but also its cooling requirements and port locations. The result is a design that is pure and geometric in its form and function. Its beauty is in its simplicity of shapes, with its play on textures and patterns.

  • Front to back, left to right, top to bottom; the product has been designed to look good from any angle and without any real orientation. The challenge was how to deal with the several essential ports and cables that the device needed. As many as 7 cables, often very thick and ridged could be plugged into the device which can look cluttered and untidy. The solution was to cleverly tuck all the ports inside a cavity, under the device. This allowed all standard, off-the-shelf ports and cable plugs to be hidden and contained inside. A simple snap in base neatly collects and directs the cables away, creating a product that's not only neat and practical, but one that is always showing its good side.

  • Unfortunately, modems are still the one device that requires many connection ports and cables that can daunt even the most technically minded. We needed a device that was able to be installed by millions of people from the tech enthusiast to the tech adverse. That required a bridge between the technical and novice worlds, where one is interested in the industry standards and jargon, while the other just wants it to work. That bridge was colour. Every port and cable has been specifically colour matched to make the installation as simple as possible. Red cable to red port, Green cable to green port and yellow cable to yellow port; it couldn't be easier.

  • With a huge amount of connection ports and options you're never out of reach with the Telstra Gateway. Whether you're joining to the NBN or ADSL broadband network, It's WAN and DSL ports will have you connected. With its dual band Wi-Fi technology you will be able to choose between speed and range so that you're never out of reach and out of time. Still like your trusty cables? Not a problem. An extra two LAN ports will allow you to connect your laptop, TV or computer to the internet with a fast Gigabit Ethernet cable. The Gateway also includes two USB ports for added expansion with a USB 3G dongle.