• 2017

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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Two blocks in facade design; one is dark color, the other is light color; they stand for two elements that are “Yin” and “Yang” of Tai Chi respectively. These two blocks are In Opposition To Each Other but Mutual and Harmonious Existence, and they are integrated to become a complete one.

  • The term,“TAI CHI”, originates from “ZHOUYI”, it is the most important philosophical thinking in Chinese traditional culture. TAI CHI stands for the Status of Order in the universe. With regard to various natural phenomenon, after a long time of observation, Chinese ancients have recognized that everything in the universe is Opposition against Integration, therefore, two words, “Yin” and “Yang”, have been used to generalize them. It means, everything and every phenomenon in universe includes “Yin” and “Yang”, as well as two aspects of Appearance and Cultivation, they also stand for “The Sky” and “ The Earth”.