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MGM Wireless Ltd.

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Spacetalk is an all-in-one children’s smartphone, watch and GPS tracker that allows parents and primary school aged children to be in constant contact without exposing kids to the dangers of social media apps or the internet. It keeps busy families connected and kids safe.

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  • MGM’s school communication business has been used by over 2000 schools in Australia and New Zealand. MGM pioneered the use of SMS to inform parents that their child hadn’t arrived at school. These messages have parents asking: ‘Where is my child?’ After trying to solve this problem for over 10 years, we hit upon the idea of building an all-in-one mobile phone, watch and GPS for kids. After four years of development, building several prototypes that wouldn't work reliably, we discovered how to build this product well. This involved designing and developing the hardware, firmware, apps and server software.

  • Parents hesitate to buy their kids a smartphone given the risks of social media, bullying and children losing or breaking expensive devices. At the same time, parents want to stay connected to their kids and they want to know that their kids are safe. We identified the need for a small, wearable phone and GPS device for children that was safe, secure and had no open access to the internet or social media. SPACETALK is parent controlled via the AllMyTribe app. Parents configure all of the settings on SPACETALK and predefine who they can call and who can call them.

  • SPACETALK keeps kids safe and families connected. Benefits include: 1. Independence – kids feel confident and safe to do things alone - parents know where they are and can contact them at any time. 2. Keeping families connected E.g. Kids and parents love sending messages like ‘Goodnight Mum/Dad – I love you’, especially if they are separated. 3. Families can efficiently manage time. E.g. – change in pickup times and locations. Gartner forecasts 30% of all smartwatches sold will be to children, by 2021 the market size will be $17.4 billion. In Australia – this translates to a market size of 120,000 to 180,000pa.

  • The first device of its kind to be developed in Australia and one of the first worldwide, SPACETALK is considered to be the best kids smartphone watch on the market. SPACETALK includes: 3G Phone - Make and receive calls and SMS to and from a set of parent-controlled contacts. GPS - Parents view their child’s location on demand and location history using the AllMyTribe app. Social Media Free - SPACETALK has no open access to the internet, and no social media to distract kids from the real world. School Mode - Silence SPACETALK during class times for distraction free learning. High Security - Privacy and security is assured. All data is hosted in Australia in secure data centres and is European GDPR standard approved. SOS Alerts - Alerts can be programmed to call parents or emergency authorities. Safe Places - Safe zones can be setup with alerts to inform you when the child arrives and departs these zones. Step Counter - A fitness tracker monitors your child’s physical activity. Alarms - Set alarms or reminders for your child, enabling them to become more responsible. Reward Stars - Teach your child to set goals and reward them when they achieve them.