Solar Bollard Lighting

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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Michael Arieni

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Solar Bollard Lighting’s SBL2 solar bollard light is an Australian Made & Owned product licensed under AMCL to use the Green and Gold Kangaroo logo. From vandal attacks, submersion, golf ball size hail, snow coverage or full shade all day, no similar product outperforms our innovative Solar Bollard Light design.

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  • The All-in-One SBL2 solar bollard light solves challenges of repairing or replacing: • On-grid connected lights where frequent vandalism and damage exposes live power to the elements and general public. • Other solar or on-grid lights at ocean front locations, where damage by salt air, crashing waves, tidal surges, high wind and floating debris impact is possible. The SBL2 solar bollard light solves challenges of fully shaded or highly vegetative locations where other solar powered or on-grid lights cannot be installed. SBL2 enhances a green footprint for the customer and improves public safety in locations with no previous capability of being lit.

  • While the design met the original brief, Solar Bollard Lighting pushed the capabilities of this technology further to find solutions to ‘unsolvable problems’ in low-level lighting. SBL2 models challenged conventional thinking and delivered creative solutions that no other global competitor offered by providing solutions for: • A solar product operating in full shade that fully recharged on ambient irradiation, something never achieved before. • The submersion of low-level lights by developing an IP68 variant that could submerse to 3m depth and still operate. • Modify the outer housing to withstand serious debris impact during a cyclonic or flood event.

  • SBL 2 models provide innovative solutions, deliver a social impact by providing a product that can withstand vandalism, remain operational in extreme environmental events like flooding and continue to operate submersed, providing a safer environment for the community. Continuous improvement delivers products to solve customers’ problems generating sales increases, customer loyalty and retention. This positive commercial impact has seen over 50% business growth, significant profit increases each year including a 48.83% increase in exporting sales. The lights use recyclable and strong components combine with standalone solar power reduces the CO2 footprint contributing to reducing environmental impacts.

  • Our SBL and SBL2 Series are the only AMCL licensed Australian Made & Owned solar lights manufactured in Australia utilising the Green and Gold Kangaroo Logo. The SBL2 Series push the boundaries in innovation and design compared to our competitors and is solving our customers’ problems by: • Performing at full power, dusk until dawn, without dimming to conserve energy. • Adapting lighting features reasonably quickly to suit various market requirements, eg: solar lights turn on 15mins before dusk and 15mins after dawn – a Singapore customer additional request. • Developing our technology to space lights further apart whilst conforming to lighting standards, reducing overall project capex. • Designing a low powered model to install under trees and heavily shaded areas to improve public safety without needing to remove trees and disturb or damage the eco system by trenching to lay cables and therefore reducing environmental impacts on the habitat. • Having an IP68 rating so the lights can submerse comfortably to 3m depth still operating whilst submersed that will not rust and corrode in salty environments. • Developing a proven electronic and solar design that will continuously operate at full power dusk until dawn for a minimum of 10 years in 90% of global locations.