SmartMOVE Spine

  • 2019

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    Medical and Scientific

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Joint Dynamics

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The SmartMOVE Spine system allows fast and accurate measurement of the spine. The system can collect more quantitative data in a reduced time frame over current methods, then store or transfer a report directly to the patient.

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  • Current measurement techniques of the back/spine, require the professional to manually position and hold two devices to selected points on a patients back/spine, then repeat the process multiple times as accurately as possible to give a complete view of the back/spine angles. These manual measurements then require another layer of maths to calculate the range of movement between each measured section of the back/spine. The SmartMOVE Spine system improves these methods by providing an easy to use multiple point sensor array that provides quicker and more accurate measurements output directly to an automated report for the professional to view.

  • We have continued to improve upon our SmartMOVE Basic kit, by designing new mounts that allow the sensors to be placed along the spine, or other joints that the original strap mounts found challenging . We introduced a refined soft multi silicon mount, to replace a medical grade adhesive tape, offering a better adhesion to multiple body shapes under different movements and ultimately allowing the SmartMOVE spine system to gather higher resolution and more accurate data then can be done with manual methods currently applied. The upgraded software also allows for more data to be output into a concise format report

  • The new Spine variation of the SmartMOVE system has been welcomed with open arms from our Chinese customers with orders being placed after demonstration of the system in Beijing. China's largest and most prestigious rehabilitation hospital has a system on order after seeing it first hand. The spine system has the benefit of bringing accuracy of data to the field of spine injuries and removes many of the areas caused by human measurement errors. We have also focused on trying to reduce parts required for the system, to both reduce the plastic usage as well as reduce unnecessary costs.

  • This is the world's first 4 sensor spine measuring system that takes measurements that comply with international standards as well as elevating the efficiency and reliability of the process, with more accurate data collection and automated reporting, then has previously been done before. The SmartMOVE spine system is driving simplicity and accuracy at the core of its feature sets, as the entire back/spine complicated measurement process of the current methodology is simplified into the basic mounting of the sensors in standard pre-definded positions on the back, and then a guided set of forward, backward and side-way movements for the patient to follow. Once the basic movement are complete, the software will analyse the movements and measurements within its algorithm and then generate a detailed and easy to follow report, that shows all movement ranges along the back/spine as a whole, and crucially also has the ability to indicate where exactly the movement in the spine is occurring as individual components.