Sinus Surgical Training Device

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Commissioned By:

Professor Peter John Wormald

Designed In:


Fusetec was challenged to design a soft tissue, fully operable sinus trainer. It was the result of 12 months of Research and Development and Fusetec have since been commissioned to develop five more sinus trainers for a combination of anatomies and pathologies to create a range of surgical difficulty to advance surgical skills in a risk-free, environment.

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  • Surgical training globally is problematic. Cadavers are highly regulated, contain bacteria, wet labs are required, disposal is an issue and cadavers rarely come with pathology. Fusetec's medical training devices solves all these problems. Training can be performed in a office environment and by design with interchangeable cassettes the sinus trainers are affordable and pathologies can be supplied on demand. Training with Fusetec sinus trainers provide exacting haptic feedback for advanced surgical training including laser guided surgery.

  • The brief was to design a operable head for sinus training to up-skill surgeons with new instruments. The final product is now used for instrument skill training, anatomy training, advanced surgical training and will be used in ENT courses globally, replacing cadaver training. The solution commenced with acquiring the world best software, hardware and materials. Fusetec developments included making improvements to all acquisitions and developing new materials and post processing techniques. The end result was the development of in-house trade secrets that will be utilized on future anatomical products.

  • The overall impact is wide and varied. The sinus product within the first few months of launch has been demonstrated in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, USA , Mexico and Australia. Both Australia and USA have confirmed future ENT courses will utilize our products. The other countries have committed to attending the Australian course with the view of future engagement. With the success of this first product, Fusetec has now signed a Strategic Collaboration Contract with the University of Adelaide to develop more medical training devices. Fusetec will relocate onto the Uni campus in late August.

  • Fusetec is an IP centric company and will be in perpetual R&D mode. Our sinus trainer is the first of many more medical devices in the pipeline. Current surgical training standards are known as '' watch one, do one, teach one'. Most surgical training is performed on living patients in the operating room. Fusetec concept of developing fully operable medical training devices is disrupting surgical training standards and adding great value to the medical sector particularly in global regions where cadaver training is non existent for religious or cultural believes. Fusetec is an SME and gaining momentum rapidly with relationships developing with several multi-nationals, looking to use Fusetec's products in medical training and or equipment training.