TOO Tone Clock

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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TOO Tone clock is a playful minimalistic wall clock made from two powder-coated aluminium parts. Designed in Australia, the collection includes 11 colours across 3 sizes – Standard (25cm dia), Large (50cm dia) and an Extra Large (75cm dia).

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  • Our design challenge was to design a modern wall clock that would fit any interior colour palette and style. A customisable clock that would give customers as many colour variants as possible without having an impractical or unfeasible amount of powder-coating colours.

  • Our design solution was realised in a two-toned clock which had 3 distinct visual components; two folded aluminium parts making up the circular disk of the clock face and the clock hands. By giving customers the option to choose the colour of each of these components (11 powder-coated colours each for the two circular clock face segments and a choice of either black or white hands) they in effect had the option to choose from one of 242 different combinations.

  • Our focus is on putting the creative tools in the hands of our customers, enabling them to be part of the process. We also want our products to contribute to our customers' emotional wellbeing by adding a little fun and happiness to their everyday lives.

  • On our website, we have a live view app, where customers can play around with different colour combinations and see exactly what it will look like. A further feature of the clock is that it can also be rotated around the axis of the hanging mechanism to create different visual effects.