• 2019

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    Automotive and Transport

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BRP Design and Innovation

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An industry first, the FISH PRO is a combination of excitement, versatility and passion in one complete package. Explore any fishing location and experience a way of fishing that’s never been seen before.

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  • Recreational fishing, or angling, is one of the most popular activities in the world. Our challenge was to allow the user to explore any fishing location and live new fishing experiences previously reserved for larger, significantly more expensive, sport fishing boats.

  • The design is purposeful and functional, while respecting Sea-Doo’s visual brand identity. The seat is innovatively designed as an ergonomic fishing bench to give extra agility to the angler. The bench, paired with specific foot wedges, give the angler the stability to tackle any size fish. The rear platform extension conveniently carries the removable LinQ cooler with an anti-slip mat, as well as fishing rods. The Garmin Fish Finder is positioned for best viewing, ensuring the fishing enthusiast gets the right information at the right time.

  • The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Fishing enthusiasts are embracing this new angling experience, as the FISH PRO opens up a new world of possibilities and brings newcomers to the sport of recreational fishing, who previously would not have considered it.

  • The FISH PRO is wrapped in white for easy cleaning and green for a purposeful aesthetic. The colour accents highlight functional features and give it a sporting personality rooted in Sea-Doo’s DNA.