• 2022

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Hugo Davidson

Mal McKechnie

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As cycling becomes more popular sadly bike thefts increase. To combat this problem Knog has designed Scout. Scout is both a super loud bike alarm and a highly accurate bike finder that allows the user to trace the location of their bike using their iPhone and Apple’s ‘Find my’ app.

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  • The biggest challenge that Scout’s design needed to overcome was for the unit to have the dual functionality of acting both as a loud motion-sensitive audio bike alarm and for it to also have the functionality that would allow the unit to work as a tracer utilizing Apple’s Find My Technology. The other significant challenge that Scout’s designers faced was keeping the final unit as small, lightweight, and discreet as possible, all whilst offering long battery life and the ability to charge the unit whilst still attached to the bike.

  • The design solution for Scout is the perfect mix of smart product design that is fit for purpose and is designed with cyclists in mind. This cycling-specific design solution has resulted in a unit that weighs an incredible 22g and due to its extremely low profile and compact design can sit neatly bolted and hidden underneath a bottle cage. The final design breakthrough was Knog’s ability to design the Scout in such a way that it was able to function simultaneously with Apple’s Find My app and Knog’s very own App, offering a unique solution to the marketplace.

  • Before Scout was developed, cyclists had to make a choice if they wished to upgrade the security of their bike beyond a lock. They could either buy a rudimentary audio alarm that was often integrated with a relatively poorly functioning lock. Alternatively, the cyclist could look to take advantage of Apple’s Find My network by attaching air tags to their bike using an aftermarket attachment. By designing Scout Knog has been able to combine the 2 security solutions that cyclists were asking for into one purpose-built (for cycling) unit.

  • Loud Piezo Alarm – the alarm is an impossible to ignore 85 Decibels, which is louder than a truck, but not quite as loud as a helicopter. (85dB SPL @1m) In situ USB C rechargeable – When charging Scout there is no need to remove the unit from the bike, simply recharge via USB C cable. Intelligent LED’s – Multi-functional LED’s allow the user to clearly see if their Scout is alarmed and the charging status of the battery. Waterproof – With a waterproof rating of IP67, the Scout can be left in the rain, ridden in the rain, or get wet when washing your bike without affecting the functionality Long battery life – Enjoying up to 6 months of battery life between charges, a user will only have to charge their device twice a year. Bottle cage mount – Scout discreetly attaches to your bike via the bottle cage mounts using tamper-proof security screws. Super lightweight – 22 grams, that’s the equivalent weight of a single AA battery.