Scotsman Electric Scooter

  • 2022

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    Automotive and Transport

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United States of America

As the world’s first fully connected, all-carbon fiber scooter, Scotsman is a premium answer to traffic congestion and pollution in urban cities. It is a green mode of transportation that emulates the ideal middle ground between power and design, quality and affordability.

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  • With their incredible strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber composites are well-known for their applications in supercars, aircraft, and premium bicycles. When applied to scooters, carbon fiber allows the scooter to be significantly sturdy yet lightweight. A lighter frame means energy efficiency: less time to start and speed up, faster acceleration, stronger uphill power, and longer rides even with the same battery and motors. However, it normally costs 5x to replace metal, which is the most popular material for scooters, with carbon fiber, thus resulting in unaffordable scooters.

  • By using the 3D printing process to optimize the use of carbon fiber thermoplastics we are able to bring the cost down 60%. As a result, only Scotsman uses a 100% carbon fiber composite body, giving users the full benefits of the material. Even the suspension systems are also made of carbon fiber composites and integrated fully into the baseboard for smooth, safe rides without ruining the design with bulky parts. As a fully customizable bike, Superstrata sets a new standard: mass customization of all-carbon fiber bikes at significantly lower costs and shorter lead time.

  • Scotsman is designed to overcome manufacturing compromises of a typical scooter: the frame is 3D-printed in a single pass from thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, a proprietary recipe that results in a strong yet lightweight and aesthetically pleasing structure. Scotsman, therefore, represents not only a technological breakthrough, but a significant impact on futuristic urban commuting and cycling with its carbon fiber look and its exceptional performance.

  • As a truly modern vehicle, Scotsman also comes with smart features integrated. It can auto-lock and unlock when its owner approaches or walks away, thanks to a Bluetooth connection to the Scotsman app. A handlebar-mounted ultra wide-angle 1080p dashcam can capture photos mid-ride or couple with GPS to help an owner to locate their scooter. The LCD panel displays battery level, speed, riding mode, turn by turn navigation, distance traveled, and distance remaining. The app also lets an owner set maximum speed and select a riding mode. This application of technology recategorizes the e-scooter, erasing its toy-like stigma and solidifying its rightful place as a luxury vehicle.