Savoy Case

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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The Savoy Case subtly reinvents the slider case. With a shiny rose gold finish on both the top and the bottom, it gives the illusion of a three-piece construction while maintaining traditional slider case construction.

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  • Designed for those who are both fashion-savvy and practical, this case stands out in a crowd. The unique chrome-like finish pairs with creamy matte colors or semi-metallic rose gold for an affluent appearance.

  • The bottom slider piece makes installation and removal easy and the single layer of hard polycarbonate protects from drops and dents. A soft microfiber lining preserves the iPhone and prevents scratching.

  • The Savoy Case is made of the best materials available at an affordable price point. Polycarbonate is shock-absorbent, durable, easy to mold, and receptive to a variety of coatings that allow for experimentation and flexibility in design. Efficient, ethical manufacturing processes cut excess costs while providing consistent quality.