RYOBI 18v ONE + Garden Cultivator

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The 18v ONE + Garden Cultivator is a light weight and intuitive tool for your garden bed, vegetable patch and lawn. This 3-in-1 tool was designed in Hong Kong to allow users to enjoyably cultivate soil, tear through roots or wet garden beds and aerate lawns all year round.

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  • Turning soil on a garden bed and revitalizing your lawn can be tasks which are hard on your body, the RYOBI Garden Cultivator is a marriage of the mechanical performance and comfortable ergonomics to remedy this. The design principal behind this product was to remove all excess volume and to reduce weight as much as possible to make the arduous tasks of maintaining your garden bed/ vegetable patch or de-thatch your lawn a breeze. With a comfortable grip, full adjustability and superior ergonomics the Garden Cultivator can be easily controlled by users of all ages.

  • The 18v ONE + Garden Cultivator allows users to maintain their garden beds and vegetable patch with ease. The Worm drive gearing, 200mm cultivating width and 3 speed control equips this tool to tackle any gardening task. This tool is Lightweight, powerful and efficient, suited for small to medium sized jobs with the ability to accurately cultivate soil in and around your flower beds without damaging your garden.

  • The RYOBI Garden Cultivator is designed for a range of users, including the elderly and less able bodied. Bodily strain from arduous gardening tasks can make a loved hobby into a strenuous chore. The fully adjustable front handle, telescopic shaft, soft touch rear grip with long-reach trigger allows users to cultivate their gardens for long periods of time without a significant toll on their bodies. Comfort over time for young and elderly users were key consideration for the design of this unit. The 3-speed control allows users to churn through hardened soil or turn soil around their delicate flower beds.

  • Worm Drive Gearing - Offering lightweight operation, powerful performance and maximum efficiency, to power through any digging task. Fully Adjustable- The telescopic shaft and adjustable front handle provide comfortable operation at different working angles. Tool-Free Exchangeable Tines - Tool-free tine removable with an adjustable cultivating width. Specially designed tines for breaking up weeds and hardened soil in the garden without disturbing nearby plants. Different accessories can be attached for multiple gardening tasks. Lifting Guard - The pivoting guard allows for easy removal of debris and dirt build up and clear jams ONE + Compatible - One + batteries are made with intelliCell technology which means they uniquely manage their own power to deliver optimum performance and runtime for any ONE + tool application.