RYOBI 18v ONE + EZ REACH Pole Attachment System

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

The Ryobi 3M EZ REACH pole attachment comes with a range of attachments including the lightweight pole, hedge trimmer, pruner, lopper and gutter blower. Designed in Hong Kong, these attachments are ideal for trimming, pruning and cleaning hard to reach locations.

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  • The hurdles of development for the EZ REACH range were focused around weight reduction, cutting performance and user protection. Extension to a 3 meter height for the range of tasks required of the pole needed to be managed easily by the user. While using the tool if the users arms get tired over an extended period of time the shoulder harness allows for resting in between tasks.

  • Pruner Saw - The Pruner attachment equips your pole to cut branches up to 150mm thick and has an 8" (200mm) bar. Hedge Trimmer - The Hedge Trimmer attachment allows you to trim larger hedges with greater speed and accuracy. It's 4-position articulating head provides a variety of trimming angles and is equipped with a 450mm blade. Bypass Lopper - Trim hard-to-reach branches with high quality bypass blades which cut branches up to 32mm thick. Gutter Blower - The 3M reach satisfies the height for gutter cleaning, the adjustable debris shield prevents the user from being covered with dirt and leaves from the gutter.

  • Trimming, pruning and cleaning can be a dangerous and physically demanding task for any user that wishes to keep the gutters and brush around their home neat and tidy. The EZ REACH system provides a complete system which allows users to perform these tasks without having to climb a ladder or obstacle. It makes Trimming, Pruning and Cleaning a loved hobby rather than a strenuous chore.

  • Pole Pruner Attachment has a 30° angled head helps you access tricky branches while keeping your weight balanced. Its 5.5m/s chain speed is ideal for small and medium branches, and the simple attachment point allows for an easy connection. It can get through up to 60 x 70mm cuts. The Hedge trimmer wields diamond-ground blades ensure a high-quality finish on every hedge. The large cut capacity helps you deal with stubborn branches up to 18mm thick. The Bypass Lopper cuts at a powerful 250Nm of torque which can be delivered to the attachment, allowing for faster and more effective lopping of branches. The branch hook gives the user the ability to pull trimmed branched down when tangled in surrounding branches. The Gutter Blower has 2 quick-connect nozzles cater for various gutter types and a debris shield protects you from getting showered with debris while you work.