HP G3 Conferencing Speaker Bar

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

HP Z G3 Conferencing Speaker Bar is the best way to bring full-range audio to your monitor. Not just for entertainment, it’s for the work-from-home environment where you need to make video conference calls, where complete control over the mute button is paramount for good conference courtesy.

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  • HP Designers have seen work-from-home and the use of video calls grow in the last year. People have tried to solve audio all kinds of ways, using headsets, trying to search for the mute button in each new application, and wrestling with trying to get enough volume to hear the person who's too far from their microphone.

  • The first challenge was deciding how to make a speaker bar that would work with more than one model of display. The Z G3 speaker attaches to the stand of the latest generation Z displays. The user controls the speaker bar through a 4 button interface, with mic mute, speaker mute, and speaker volume up and down buttons. The microphone mute button works with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and other conferencing applications. The speaker bar has a metal perforated grille for its front, and a unique hexagonal profile that helps it look as good as it sounds.

  • As workers move their workplace from an office to a home office, making the computer help users look and sound their best has become important. The design is unique, elegant without being overstated, but it's impact is what matters: making it easier for people working from home to communicate, to smooth over the rough parts of communications applications, makes work more collaborative. The packaging for the Z G3 conference speaker is made from recycled fiber pulp, with no plastic bags used. HP is committed to eliminating single use plastics, and sustainable packaging.

  • The HP Z G3 speaker connects to the display with USB, which both powers it and synchronizes the volume and mute controls with the PC. Turning up the volume on the bar turns up the volume on the PC. Besides using the audio over USB, it has 2x audio jacks on left side, headphone and line-in, so you can use headphones when you need to, and bring your own audio when you need. The dual microphones filter out audio from speakers. Power status controlled by monitor. If monitor is off, bar is off. Otherwise speakers is always on The speakers are equipped with a 160-200 hertz bass roll off. Quality bass roll off ensures voices sound full and natural.