Retro Series Pool Light

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Spa Electrics

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The Spa Electrics Retro Series Pool Light is a low-voltage, LED pool light designed to replace older high-voltage and consumption lamps in temperate and cold climates. This retrofitted product was designed in Australia with a patent-pending universal camlock and electrical connector to reduce installation and maintenance costs. The clever DFMA also cuts production costs, making it a competitive option.

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  • Pool lights operate under harsh conditions; as well as high IP performance, they endure harsh chemicals, physical impacts…even being ensconced in frozen water. Retrofitting existing or broken pool lights with energy-efficient technology is currently complicated, often requiring two callouts to order/fit a suitable replacement. Niches (in which the light fits) vary widely and different pool construction between Australian and North American markets have required manufacturers to develop multiple models to suit. Cobalt's challenge was to provide a simpler yet universal retrofit solution; compatible with existing products, enabling contractors to carry the one product to cover almost any job.

  • Spa Electrics' Retro Pool Light is a modern, hi-output, low-voltage lighting system which benefits all users from manufacturer to installer and pool owner. The design includes two sets of adapters, catering for AU/US/Canadian markets. Both versions provide a versatile solution that fits onto any existing 10" large-format niche, regardless of its make or condition. The North American R-10 adapter features patent-pending CAM-LOCK technology that allows retrofitting into damaged or obsolete niches, while concurrently removing unnecessary parts. Retro also features a quick-connect cable plug that removes the need to replace existing cables, dramatically reducing installation time and complexity.

  • Retro's innovative design reduces costs, improves reliability and safety, and reduces installation time and maintenance costs. A highlight of this is the Retro's ability to securely install into damaged niches, which would typically require expensive repair work to correct. For pool owners, the design addresses sealing and impact failure points, creating a robust product that lasts longer. Its high-efficiency LED luminaires provide brilliant, even lighting, replacing older high-consumption halogen lights. This combination gives Spa Electrics a unique and strategic advantage to transpose its local market-leading position to the larger North American market, boosting the local manufacturing economy in the process.

  • - Winterisation maintenance slashed by over 90%. Winterisation is common in cold climate markets to prevent pool lights and electricals being damaged by the expansion of frozen water within and around the niche. Smart detailing and disassembly features dramatically reduce maintenance costs; further encouraging owners to carry out annual pool maintenance. - Futureproof quick-connect cable system. The Retro features a unique, electrical connector. This provides a waterproof and tool-less connection to the system's wiring which is pre-installed through underground conduits. This plug is compatible with other Spa Electrics products - allowing the lights to be easily upgraded in the future. - Heat sink technology. Retro uses the thermal conductivity of the pool water to dissipate heat, reliably extending the LEDs operating life while boosting performance. - Universal niche compatibility. CAM-LOCK and universal compatibility is a gamechanger for retrofit applications, especially within US/Canada where there is a very wide range of niche designs and sizes. The benefit of a single universal product extends from reduced inventory/SKUs for the manufacturer to a massive logistical efficiency for installers; who just need to carry one product to allow them to complete any job in a single site visit -regardless of the niche's type or condition.