Responsive Space Operations Centre

  • 2021

  • Design Strategy

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Saber Astronautic was selected by the Australian Space Agency to establish the first Mission Control Centre for Australia. This Responsive Space Operations Centre (RSOC) is located within the Australian Space Discovery Centre as a commercial enterprise in order to grow the market and manage space operations as a sovereign capability. We undertook the the Go-To-Market strategy, Commercial and Operations model and customer and public facing Experience Strategy to make sure it is set up for success from the outset.

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  • The space sector is an emerging industry in Australia, and Saber Astronautic awarded the role as the commercial operator for the mission control centre to be located in Adelaide. Deloitte was engaged by Saber to assist with the Go-To-Market strategy, Commercial and Operations model and customer and public facing Experience Strategy. Located within the publicly accessible ASDC there is a need to ensure that the physical environment not only meets the operational requirements of Saber's public/private business model but the expectations and needs of different audience groups including customers, suppliers, STEM students and the general public.

  • Saber Astronautics embarked on a journey to design how their Responsive Space Operations Centre (RSOC) will become the leading mission control centre in Australia to drive the democratisation of space. Deloittes' role was to: 1.Articulate the go-to-market strategy to deliver unique value proposition to reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage 2.Define the physical & experiential requirements 3.Resolve the operating model as required to deliver and execute the vision. 4.Establish a cyber security function to detect and protect against identified threats. 5.Define and validate the RSOC role in matching of downstream demand with upstream capability.

  • This is an emerging industry with huge potential for growth across enterprise, jobs, skills and technology and the Deloitte strategy for the RSOC envisages the commercial, industry enabling and social role it will play in bringing together Australia's space ecosystem. A successful RSOC will deliver sovereign capabilities in the fabrication, launching and operations of satellites and support growth of the Nation's space industry. The RSOC will support national and international joint missions, including NASA's planned Missions to Mars. Satellite data is essential across industry and will directly support our abilities across agriculture, transport, insurance, education, health and other applications.

  • The Deloitte strategy addressed each of the following, as we developed a comprehensive model for the success of the RSOC. The RSOC go-to-market strategy provides the overarching narrative and context for the RSOC to the Australian and global market. This vison is to: 'Democratise and enable the growth of the Australian space industry as Australia's national Mission Control Centre and the most trusted partner to enhance safety of flight and mission success.' In addition we solved how Saber will: 1.Harness the ASDC adjacency so that Saber Astronautics becomes a household name for space, cementing Saber as the operations side of the ASA and transforming the application of satellite technology in Australia through trusted space operations & career development. 2.Determine the critical operational components to deliver the RSOC key services/products to customers and what is required to support the RSOC operations . 3.Protect against cyber attacks, and determine capabilities needed to protect the centre, solutions and technologies. The planned measures of success are: -Establish a financially self-sustaining operating model by June 2022 -Enable over 100 space companies through successful flights by 2025 -Make Australia a global centre for space operations R&D