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Creating a sustainable circular economy for original design, ‘Cultivated’ restore, reinvigorate or recycle authentic furniture and lighting. We believe in the quality and longevity of quality design furniture and offer refurbishment and buy-back options so that aged, worn or end-of-life pieces can function for many more lifetimes to come.

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Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
Image: Fiona Susanto
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  • Each year in Sydney alone, the equivalent of 800,000 three-seater sofas, 1.65 million dining tables or 3.4 million coffee tables, are thrown away. Cultivated is a program designed to offer an alternative to disposbale culture. From a single lounge chair in need of new upholstery, to an entire office space of worn-out seating, we work with local manufacturers and craftspeople to restore, reinvigorate or recycle original design, creating a sustainable, circular economy for authentic furniture and lighting.

  • At Cultivated, we believe that considered, quality products should be kept in a circular system and be repaired, recovered and refurbished if needed. We understand that a circular economy is an important way of addressing and lowering our collective environmental footprints, extending beyond the economic and into the natural environment.

  • Cultivated aims to: - Minimise the use of finite resources. - Minimise the extraction of raw materials including iron ore, timber and cotton. - Reduce the amount of landfill and incineration waste. - Prevent and avoid unnecessary pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy exerted in a products life cycle. - Reduce emissions from volatile organic compounds found in foams, fabrics, plastics, manufactured wood products and adhesives.* - Support Australian businesses and specialist industries.

  • High quality furniture has always been dependent on the passion and dedication of skilled craftspeople. Through Cultivated, we support Australian businesses and the important hand craft techniques in which they specialise. We work with local manufacturers from a wide variety of industries - from metal workers to carpenters to upholsterers. An important part of the Cultivated process is ensuring that the same skill, care and knowledge is applied to the restoration of a product as it was during the original production. Cultivating aged or end-of-life furniture or specifying a Cultivated product can contribute to a buildings Green Star rating. The Green Star Interiors and Design & As Built 'Materials' category rewards projects that address a number of environmental initiatives, one of the which is the selection of products or materials that contain recycled or reused products. Reused products, including Cultivated products, can also contribute to Green Star Sustainable Product Credits, awarded to encourage sustainability in product specification.